Friday, 18 February 2011

That Streak . . .

Further to my last post, I thought that I ought to report that the winning streak was extended last night, although it was a pretty close run thing in the end. I tell you why I thought that it might end last night . Firstly because there was very serious opposition in the form of the team of Rob, Terry and Claire, but secondly because the setter last night has the habit of serving up a few bouncers. When I tell you that the top score in both of the first two rounds was 5 out of ten, that should give you an idea . Still, credit where it's due, he asked one absolute corker, which I shall take the liberty of repeating here : -

Which group, very well known in the 60s, performed the theme song of the 1970's ITV children's magazine programme Magpie ? ( Ah - Susan Stranks ! Ah - Jenny Hanley !) Nobody knew . The answer given was The Spencer Davis Group. I didn't disbelieve, but I was idly googling at lunchtime, and I checked this out, and yes, its true. They performed it under the alias of The Murgatroyd Band, but nonetheless it was the Spencer Davis Group. Murgatroyd was, of course, the name of the cartoon magpie on the show's logo. What the question master would have done if any of the teams had actually put down The Murgatroyd Band I don't know, but it didn't arise, so it didn't matter.

So the streak continues, and there's only Sunday left in which I could possibly end it before the crunch match on Monday. Watch this space.


Hego said...

Well done Londinius! Don't start going illogical Spock. The past is irrelevant, as in the coin-toss, it's always down to the next game. Look at this guy's record: "Jose Mourinho's unbeaten home league run reaches nine years" . And, that's in a sport with dubious credibility!

worldwidemark said...

I wonder if you would beat Watson David?

(just wait until the Watson app comes out for p[hones and that really will be the death of the traditional pub quiz!)

Mark - who's also on a similar strak (7 out of 7 wins for The Flutterers team in the Quiz League of London - promotion beckons!)

Londinius said...

Hi Hego and Mark

Hego, welcome to LAM, and thanks for leaving a comment. I saw that about Jose Mourinho - in the modern game its a frankly amazing record.

Mark, I can categorically state that I WOULD not beat Watson !
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you with your streak - they're absolutely lovely while they last, but they do make you feel the pressure until they end !

Thanks for putting the link - it enables me to engage in my favourite pastime of name dropping ! I do know Ken Jennings slightly. Ken won 74 consecutive episodes of the US quiz Jeopardy, winning over $2million in the process. He also wrote a great book about his experiences in quizzing in the US called "Brainiac". In my opinion its maybe not quite as good as Marcus Berkmann's "Brain Men", but its still really worth a read.