Thursday, 10 February 2011

News from the Watercooler

You know me. I keep a weather ear open for reactions from my non quizzing friends and colleagues to new TV quizzes as a decent indication of how well they're received by the general public. So I thought I'd share with you some of things I've been hearing for the last week or two.

Basically nobody likes Million Pound Drop. No surprise there since I'd guess that most of the people I have regular contact with aren't really the target audience anyway. Still, you can't say that it has made a sizeable splash in the public consciousness - or dare I say it, even a drop.

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed BBC's new quiz Perfection. I rather enjoyed it, given that there could be more questions per show. Well I'm sorry to say that this show has not found much favour against my colleagues. Admittedly rather a small sample on which to base a conclusion. Still, these were the same people who liked both The Chase and Pointless before these shows had finished their first seasons, and they have both become very well established since. I hope that this is unrepresentative. From what I've seen of it it deserves a second series to establish itself.


rainford said...

Good to read your comments David. I love 'The Chase', 'Perfection' and 'Pointless'. The more good general knowledge quizzes, the better.

Londinius said...

Hi David ( it is you isn't it ? ! )

Lovely to hear from you. Agreed about the quizzes. I mean, look, doubtless there's a place for shows like Million Pound Drop - its not for me, but there we are. But I do agree the more decent quizzes the better, and as I said, I think Perfection is worth allowing the time to find its audience, or for its audience to find it.

Look after yourself,