Saturday, 5 February 2011

Funny Old Week

As Aristotle once said, its been a funny old week. Actually thinking about it, that was probably Ronnie Barker in “Open All Hours”. Played in 4 quizzes since last we spoke, and won 4, albeit that the third was only won on a tie break . That was an odd one as well. The two teams were asked : -
“How deep is the deepest point of the Atlantic Ocean ? “
We plumped for 28,500 feet. As it was we were close to the answer given, which was actually 35,000 feet. That’s a rum ‘un we said – or words to that effect. When we got home we found that the depth of the Challenger Deep in the Pacific is 35,840 feet, and that the deepest point of the Atlantic is 28,374 feet. What are you moaning about Dave ? You were the closer team anyway, and therefore got to take the bottle of wine, which you don’t drink anyway and gave away to the nice team who marked our paper. Fair point.

I’m a little ticked off at the moment generally, and what makes it worse is the fact that I haven’t got anything to be ticked off about. I’ll try to explain. A couple of weeks ago Mary’s Dad explained that he and her step mum are organising a “Millionaire “ – style quiz fund raising evening for the local church. Well and good. They asked via Mary whether I could be a phone a friend for the evening for them . OK – of course I agreed, even though for one reason and another it meant that I had to cancel my plans to go to Bristol for the Grand Prix event. So I made some other plans , and commitments for family etc. for the day. This morning Mary turned round and said that the organisation for the quiz has changed, and they don’t need me a as a phone a friend. Which means I could have gone to Bristol after all if I hadn’t made all these other commitments. Nobody’s fault, but it’s annoying.

I’ll be honest , I am going to go along to the church event tonight anyway. But its going to be hard for me. When I heard they were doing it I deliberately didn’t offer my services to set questions, help organise etc. , but only because if I did I think they would have felt obliged to accept it, and I know what I’m like, I would have tried to take over. I did say to Mary to let them know I would give them any help they wanted, but nothing more came of it. Its just . . . Oh God, I feel like a heel saying this, but they are not quizzers. At all. You don’t have to be a quizzer to set a successful quiz, I’m not saying that, but a gimmicky thing like a Millionaire quiz, well. . . I know what I’m like as well, I will be sitting there, praying that I don’t open my gob if things go wrong. Mary will never forgive me. I’ll let you know how it all works out.

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