Tuesday, 21 December 2010

University Challenge - Quarter Final Preview

Right then, I apologise if I’ve got any of these details wrong, but I’ve compiled a little table of the results from both the first and second rounds of all 8 teams who have won through to the quarters. For each team I’ve shown the points they have scored in both matches, and the total points scored by both teams in each match. Then I’ve averaged these out for each team.Here’s the table : -

Team rd 1 scorerd 1 totalrd 2 scorerd 2 totalave scoreave total
Oxford Brookes220 430 320 420 270425
Magdalen340 460 190 315 265 387.5
Christ’s 290 350220 380 255 365
Peterhouse265 430 215 420 240 425
Bristol190 375 275 340 232.5 342.5
York245 350 195 335 220 342.5
Queens’190 375 175 295 182.5 335

Of course you can only tell so much from the numbers Still , they do enable us to make some interesting observations. Firstly its worth noting that all of the teams who shone inthe first round made considerably heavier weather of their second round matches. Of course, Sheffield, my adopted team for the season, have the highest average score across the two matches. They also have the highest average for total points scored by both teams. I hve to say though, that the most impressive performance in round two was that of Oxford Brookes. They had the highest score in round two, being the only team to beat the 300 point barrier. Fancied runners Magdalen are also in the top half of the table, although there is quite a discrepancy between their first and second round performances.

Whatever the case there will be no team repeating the heroics of Emmanuel by winning the series after losing in the first round, since both repechage winners have been knocked out.

Who will win through to the semis ? Well, you have to say that the picture has been muddied rather than made clearer by the second round matches. You wouldn’t find many to argue that Sheffield, who have been amongst the top 4 performing teams in both 1st and 2nd rounds look good value, and they are the first team to be burdened with the Clark tip. Likewise Magdalen, even if they made harder work of round 2 than looked likely. But then who ? Oxford Brookes have to be taken very seriously following their round 2 performance, albeit that they were outscored in the 1st round by Peterhouse, Christ’s and York. The fact is that in the first round they were playing a very good Cardiff team. So I take them to get to the semis as well. Who else ? Well, the teams are so well matched from here that any of them could do it. But I just have a fancy that last night’s winners Bristol could just do it. I doubt they’ll thank me for tipping them though ! After all, I did manage to pick all 4 semi finalists last year, and both finalists, and the winners, for that matter, so something really has to give , I’m afraid !


Jack said...

OK Dave, here are the stats of the best players over the first two rounds. I have included the starter tally along with penalties for all 33 players for the eight remaining teams.

Ben Slingo (Peterhouse): 18 (2)
Tristram Cole (Sheffield): 16 (0)
Mark Jackson (Queens'): 14 (1)
Andrew Clemo (York): 13 (0)
James Williams (Bristol): 12 (1)
Will Cudmore (Magdalen): 12 (2)
Natasha Simonova (Christ's): 10 (0)
Sarah Johnson (Oxford Brookes): 9 + tie-break (0)
James McComish (Magdalen): 8 (0)
Joe Walmswell (Christ's): 8 (0)
Ben Keane (York): 8 (1)
Lucinda Critchley (Bristol): 7 (0)
Austin Sherlaw-Johnson (Oxford Brookes): 7 (1)
Kyle Haddad-Fonda (Magdalen): 7 (2)
Anthony McLarin (Oxford Brookes): 6 (0)
Andy Bolton (Sheffield): 6 (0)
Hugh Bennett (Sheffield): 6 (0)
Richard Williams (Oxford Brookes): 5 (1)
Edward Tait (Peterhouse): 5 (2)
Georgia Malcolm (Bristol): 5 (2)
Jack Belloli (Christ's): 4 (0)
Alexander Greaves (Christ's): 4 (0)
Ario Brunet (Bristol): 4 (0)
Sam Gilbert (Queens'): 4 (0)
Simon Wallace: (Queens'): 4 (1)
Louise Howes (Peterhouse): 3 (0)
Tom Thirkell (Sheffield): 2 (0)
Chris Caudwell (York): 2 (0)
Simon Donnelly (York): 2 (0)
William Belfield (Queens'): 2 (1)
David Webster (Queens'): 2 (1)
Christopher Stanton (Peterhouse): 1 (0)
Matthew Chan (Magdalen): 0 (1)

Hope this proves helpful!

Londinius said...

Thanks Jack - I've posted this now.


Rachel said...

Just come across your website - Great! I could not possibly claim to have detailed such statistics as you but I have been observing over the last six or so years the proportion of female contestants. it has been very consistently around 15% with the percentage decreasing a little towards the end. This is indeed borne out by your analyis with 5 of the 32(33) last contestants being female. It will be intresting to see you they progress in the coming weeks.