Sunday, 5 December 2010

To Christmas it up , or not ?

Reading through last year’s posts I see that the first full-on Christmas themed quiz I took part in last year was actually at the end of November. Here we are , well into the first week of the month, and not only have I not been to any Christmas themed quiz yet, I haven’t even been asked any Christmas themed questions in any of the other quizzes I’ve been to. Not that I’m complaining about this, you understand, but it does lead me to wonder just when the first Christmas question of the year will rear its frost-encrusted head.

It can do funny things to question masters can the incipient arrival of the Festive Season. For three or four weeks you start to find that picture rounds positively abound with photos which have been doctored to hide celebrities’ faces behind jolly Santa hats and wigs, or anagrams of well known Christmas Carols and many other variations on the theme. This week is actually my turn to write the quiz for the rugby club. I’ve already written the questions – not a Christmas one amongst them, I’m afraid – but I was thinking about the handout, and idly toying with the idea of using photos, whose combined name makes a Christmas phrase of some kind. So , for example you get this set : -

1) - An Ena HARKness Rose - 2) A Triumph HERALD - 3) Charlie’s ANGELS 4) Vijay SINGh
Which combined give you – well, I won’t insult your intelligence, you get the drift, I’m sure. Trouble is, it took me ages to come up with just that one, so I probably won’t bother for Thursday. If I can think of at least a couple more, then I might do it for my last one before Christmas. Meanwhile, you can groan along with this one if you like

1) OAKHAM 2) Edmund HALLEY 3) Marianne FAITHFULL (OAKHAM- HALLEY – FAITHFULL - say it quickly. Oh, alright, please yourselves.)

Early compliments of the season to you.

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