Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Sleb Eggheads

I see that Celebrity Eggheads is back. Last year they were beaten by two teams, one made of Sleb Mastermind show winners, and one made up from presenters of The One Show.

On Monday’s show the Yellowcoats took on the Eggies. The Yellowcoats were 4 members of the cast of Hi di Hi, led by the redoubtable Jimmy Perry. As it happened the lovely Sandra Piddock , who was taking “It Ain’t Half Hot Mum” as her specialist subject in the Grand Final of my series of Mastermind actually got to meet Jimmy Perry for her filmed insert. Other members of the team were Paul Shane, Jeffrey Holland, Nikki Kelly and Barry Howard. The upshot of it was that Barry won his head to head against Barry . It didn’t help, and I’m afraid Paul Shane and Barry Howard were defeated rather easily by failing to get any of their final questions right.

Yesterday , with a pot of £1000 at stake, were the Survivors. Sorry, but they looked like newsreaders and broadcast journalists to me. They were Nicholas Owen, Sandy Gall, Stanley Johnson , Martin Bell and Brian Hanrahan. Only Martin lived up to the team’s name by defeating CJ in the head to head. It was only postponing the inevitable though. You can’t get any wrong in the multiple choice questions, because the Eggies won’t.

Tonight a team of weathermen called Cumulo Nimboids actually put on rather a good show. They were Peter Gibbs, Phil Avery, John Hammond, Simon King and Chris Fawkes. They did rather well, as it happened. They only won one head to head, again beating CJ, but Phil and Chris took the Eggheads to a couple of tiebreaks in the final. Didn’t win though. So in 4 shows last year the Eggheads lost twice. In three shows this year they are undefeated. So are we going to see an upset tomorrow, I wonder ?

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