Friday, 4 June 2010

The Curse of LAM Strikes Again

Why do I say these things ? Only today, in my previous post I was discussing The Chase, because the nominal captain of my Thursday night team was telling me last night how much he was enjoying the series, and quite right too. I mentioned in the post that both Shaun and Mark have had one unsuccesful chase so far this series, but Anne was undefeated. So what happened in tonight's show ? Anne was defeated. I can't help feeling that even though the show was probably recorded some time ago, this was another case of LAM's retroactive evil influence. Anne, I'm very sorry, and wish I hadn't mentioned it. As for the team who got to share over £18,000, well, you're very welcome, and no thanks are necessary.


Anonymous said...
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Another Anne said...

Don't worry about it. Wasn't the farmer funny?

Londinius said...

I thought so ! To be fair you've had some interesting personalities on this series so far - some of them prepared to give as good as they get.