Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Chase - records as they stand

In a post I made a couple of days ago I did wonder about what the current record for the highest succesful final chase is. 'The Beast' himself, Mark, has kindly supplied me with the following stats, which I am delighted to be able to share with you now : -

After ten shows of series two the current chase records are:

Highest Targets set:

25 Show 4 series two (won £19,000) against Shaun
24 Show 10 series one (won £22,000) against Shaun

Lowest Winning Score

21 on show 10, series two.

Highest Successful Chases

23 Show 2 series two, Mark with ten seconds to spare
22 Show 8 series one, Mark with eight seconds to spare
22 Show 8 series two, Shaun with one second to spare

Highest Unsuccessful Chases

23 Show 4 series two, Shaun
22 Show 10 series one, Shaun

Highest individual amount banked - £25,000 by Foiz in series one (Shaun beat team with two seconds remaining)

Highest individual amount actually won- £20,000 by Terry Toomey on Show 6 series two against Mark

Highest amount offered - £30,000 on four occasions in series two (none taken)

Interesting reading, isn't it. It is possible then to escape the Chaser with as little as 21. However that was an exceptional case. I stick to my guns. You have to get at least 23 to have a realistic chance of taking home the cash, and even that isn't a guarantee if the chaser of the day is on a real roll.

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