Sunday, 18 April 2010


I really must apologise for anyone who read my most recent Mastermind review, without getting to actually see the show itself.

I didn't watch it when it was actually being broadcast, but later on in the evening on Virgin cable's On Demand Service, which is linked in to BBC iplayer, I believe.

I can only guess that the people at the BBC didn't tell the iplayer people that they had decided to switch the order of the semi finals, and so they put on the Les Morrell et al semi final which was originally scheduled .

I would hate to spoil anyone's enjoyment of any show, and can only apologise to anyone who read my review, and has had their enjoyment of that show spoiled. Likewise I apologise to the contenders who took part in the show that was broadcast on Friday night. Unless the BBC take pity, and put that show on the iplayer at some future date I am unlikely to get to see it, and so can not review it, although a full review of the show can be found on Weaver's Week.

Once again, apologies if my review spoiled anyone's enjoyment of the show.

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