Thursday, 15 April 2010

Answers to March Quiz

1) This year is the 25th anniversary of on an internet address. But which word does com actually stand for ?

2) Where is your axilla ?

3) In which range of hills does the River Mersey have its source ?

4) Who created the detective Mike Hammer ?
Mickey Spillane

5) Which island in New York was the disembarkation point for immigrants throughout the 19th and early 20th century ?
Ellis Island

6) Which soft french cheese has a name which means Port of Safety ?
Port Salut

7) Chernobyl – site of the 1986 nuclear power station meltdown, was then in the Soviet Union. Which country is it in now ?

8) In which film did Robin Williams play DJ Adrian Cronauer ?
Good Morning Vietnam

9) What was unusual about the doctor in Star Trek Voyager ?
He was a hologram

10) In which sport might you perform a telemark landing ?
Skiing – especially ski jumping

11) Following two deaths last week there have been calls for which legal stimulant drug to be banned ?

12) What type of fruit is a biffin ?

13) In Greek Mythology, who escaped from the labyrinth aided by a ball of wool ?

14) BD is the first part of the postcode of which UK city ?

15) In the Netherlands, which word is used for lands which have been reclaimed from the sea ?

16) In the food industry – what does TVP stand for ?
Textured Vegetable Protein

17) What is the main difference between refracting and reflecting telescopes ?
Refracting use lenses – reflecting use mirrors

18) Reggae Reggae Sauce, available in all good supermarkets, is the most famous product which to come about through which TV show ?
Dragons Den

19) Which 3 words complete the full title of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin’s Je T’aime ?
Moi non plus

20) In which year was the football world cup final between Italy and Brazil decided on penalties ?

21) Whose face appeared on English banknotes before Elizabeth II ?

22) What type of fin is a fishes tail ?
Caudal fin

23) Who composed the Liverpool Oratorio ?
Paul McCartney

24) Which Radnorshire town is known as the town on the dyke ?

25) Which two nations fought the Battle of Marathon ?
Athenians and Persians

26) Which cartoon strip heroine was created for the Evening Standard newspaper in 1966 by Peter O’Donnell ?
Modesty Blaise

27) When does a meteor become a meteorite ?
When it enters Earth atmosphere

28) What started in Singapore in 1940, and ended in Hongkong in 1962 ?
The Hope and Crosby Road Films

29) The French song Comme d’Habitude was better known in the version with English lyrics by Paul Anka – how do we know it ?
My Way

30) In formula 1, what name is given to the area where the winning cars must be parked for a final inspection ?
Parc Ferme

31) He Pingping died last week. Why was this in the news ?
He was the world’s shortest man

32) Which bird is also called a laverock ?

33) All that Glisters is not gold is a quotation from which of Shakespeare’s plays ?
The Merchant of Venice

34) Which is the largest country through which the Tropic of Capricorn passes ?

35) The hexagonal columns of the Giants Causeway in Antrim are formed from which rock ?

36) What is the difference between a hitch and a splice ?
Hitch ties a rope to something else, a splice ties two pieces of rope together

37) What do the letters PH stand for, as in PH scale ?
Potential of hydrogen

38) In Pinocchio, which character sings “When you wish upon a star “ ?
Jiminy Cricket

39) Which Sci Fi Tv show began with the words “There is nothing wrong with your TV set – do not adjust the picture “
The Outer Limits

40) Who was the first person to captain a winning Britain and Europe team in the Ryder cup ?
Tony Jacklin


xxxzzz said...

On a point of pedantry, a meteorite is defined in my Shorter Oxford Dictionary as "A fallen meteor; a mass of rock or metal that has fallen to the earth from beyond the atmosphere."

I.e. a meteor becomes a meteor when it survives an impact with the earth, not its atmosphere.

Londinius said...

Hi Mark

I'm sure you're right. Science isn't my strong suit, so I tend to take what I read as gospel. Off the top of my head I can't remember which book I got this one out of.

Thanks for dropping by

Dave C