Saturday, 27 March 2010

Answers to those Family Fortunes questions

Look, I don't like to encourage this sort of question, but by popular demand here are the answers to those Family Fortunes questions I mentioned last week in my post Blame it on the Boot Sale.

Name a London Railway Station apart from Euston : -
Kings Cross - 29
Victoria - 25
Paddington - 20
Waterloo - 12
St. Pancras - 10

Name a dangerous instrument for a nude musician to play : -
Cymbals - 32
Accordion - 18
Double Bass - 18
Cello - 13
Harp - 12
Drums - 5

The handout, not to my surprise, but very much to my frustration, went down a treat. Just one of the sacrifices we sometimes have to make to stay true to our craft.


Rach Cherryade said...

I can't believe that nobody said 'musical saw' in the 'instruments it would be dangerous for a naked musician to play' category, very disappointing!

The questions are fun though and sure they went down well at the quiz, think I still prefer Pointless though!

I imagine thinking of new and interesting bonus rounds must get tricky after a while, our regular quiz doesn't have a bonus round every week but we're always happy when there is one as they're always lots of fun, one week we had cryptic style crossword clues to areas of Manchester and this week was a set of amusing word definitions which you had to match with the correct word (eg song sung by two prisoners = conduit) I love puns so this was an amazing round!

Londinius said...

Hi Rach

Commiserations on UC. Please don't fel too bad about it - when you're against an opponent or team who are a) extremely good, and b) on top form - there's nothing you can do except applaud, and relish the fact that you did as well as you did.

I like the idea of the amusing definitions - which I may well try myself at some stage. New and interesting bonus rounds are tricky - as wellas everything else , new and interesting don't always translate into 'enjoyable' or 'popular' , so its a delicate balancing act. I'm not a huge lover of picture quizzes, but the majority of teams love 'em, so you can't deprive them of it too often.

Now that UC is almost over, don't be a stranger. You're comments are always welcome in LAM.