Saturday, 27 March 2010

March Quiz

Ok - it was my turn to do the quiz for the rugby club this week. Following a couple of weeks of unusually difficult quizzes I deliberately set an easier one than what we've been having. So there's a real preponderance of old chestnuts here. As a rough guide, the team that went on to win the quiz scored 36 on these. Good luck.

Round One

1) This year is the 25th anniversary of on an internet address. But which word does com actually stand for ?

2) Where is your axilla ?

3) In which range of hills does the River Mersey have its source ?

4) Who created the detective Mike Hammer ?

5) Which island in New York was the disembarkation point for immigrants throughout the 19th and early 20th century ?

6) Which soft french cheese has a name which means Port of Safety ?

7) Chernobyl – site of the 1986 nuclear power station meltdown, was then in the Soviet Union. Which country is it in now ?

8) In which film did Robin Williams play DJ Adrian Cronauer ?

9) What was unusual about the doctor in Star Trek Voyager ?

10) In which sport might you perform a telemark landing ?

11) Following two deaths last week there have been calls for which legal stimulant drug to be banned ?

12) What type of fruit is a biffin ?

13) In Greek Mythology, who escaped from the labyrinth aided by a ball of wool ?

14) BD is the first part of the postcode of which UK city ?

15) In the Netherlands, which word is used for lands which have been reclaimed from the sea ?

16) In the food industry – what does TVP stand for ?

17) What is the main difference between refracting and reflecting telescopes ?

18) Reggae Reggae Sauce, available in all good supermarkets, is the most famous product which to come about through which TV show ?

19) Which 3 words complete the full title of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin’s Je T’aime ?

20) In which year was the football world cup final between Italy and Brazil decided on penalties ?

21) Whose face appeared on English banknotes before Elizabeth II ?

22) What type of fin is a fishes tail ?

23) Who composed the Liverpool Oratorio ?

24) Which Radnorshire town is known as the town on the dyke ?

25) Which two nations fought the Battle of Marathon ?

26) Which cartoon strip heroine was created for the Evening Standard newspaper in 1966 by Peter O’Donnell ?

27) When does a meteor become a meteorite ?

28) What started in Singapore in 1940, and ended in Hongkong in 1962 ?

29) The French song Comme d’Habitude was better known in the version with English lyrics by Paul Anka – how do we know it ?

30) In formula 1, what name is given to the area where the winning cars must be parked for a final inspection ?

31) He Pingping died last week. Why was this in the news ?

32) Which bird is also called a laverock ?

33) All that Glisters is not gold is a quotation from which of Shakespeare’s plays ?

34) Which is the largest country through which the Tropic of Capricorn passes ?

35) The hexagonal columns of the Giants Causeway in Antrim are formed from which rock ?

36) What is the difference between a hitch and a splice ?

37) What do the letters PH stand for, as in PH scale ?

38) In Pinocchio, which character sings “When you wish upon a star “ ?

39) Which Sci Fi Tv show began with the words “There is nothing wrong with your TV set – do not adjust the picture “

40) Who was the first person to captain a winning Britain and Europe team in the Ryder cup ?

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