Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Only Connect - Making the matches

In my review of Monday's show I asked how it was that two such formidable teams came to be drawn against each other in the first round. I posted the same query on the IQAGB forum, and I am indebted to David Bodycombe for this reply -

"Teams are matched up on the basis of which dates they can do, and what make the most interesting match-ups (e.g. programme 1's Oxford vs Cambridge is a lot more interesting than, say, Vets vs Northerners).

I don't think previous form is particularly considered. What looks like a good team on paper may have a nightmare, there's not much legislating for that (for example, I think few people expected the Mathematicians to win on show 2)."

Thank you for explaining that David.
Personally I honestly don't mind where teams come from, or who they represent. I think its all about how they play the game, but then that's just my opinion. The point has been raised on the same forum that a good match up like show 3 is a lot more entertaining than watching one team crush another, and there's a lot of truth in that too.

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