Saturday, 11 July 2009

July Quiz

1) Two weeks ago who became the first woman since 1997 to win the Grand Final of Mastermind - and for a bonus point she also became the first champion from which country ?

2) Which silent film actress was the original It girl ?

3) On July 10th which famous traditional race was conducted on the River Thames in London ?

4) Which substance has the chemical formula H2SO4 ?

5) What is the connection between your last three answers ?

6) The Letters DOC might be found on bottles of wine from which country?

7) Song lyrics - which famous song contains the lyric
You've really made the grade
And the papers want to know whose shirts you wear.

8) Which word is used for an elephant driver ?

9) True or false - the Battles of Agincourt and Bosworth were both in the same century ?

10) Which line of latitude forms most of the boundary between the USA and Canada ?

11) Farah Fawcett died in June. She had married her long term partner, Ryan O'Neill. Who was her previous husband ?

12) Who was the first ever South African to win the British Open ?

13) The Norman Mailer book "The Executioners Song" is about the execution of which notorious American killer ?

14) Former opera singer Norman Lumsden achieved success playing which character in a long running series of adverts ?

15) What is the connection between your last 3 answers ?

16) Which people were defeated by the Greeks of Athens in the Battle of Marathon ?

17) Oxford has been described as the city of dreaming what ?

18) What type of creature is a pipistrelle ?

19) Who was the founder of antiseptic surgery ?

20) Which dye or pigment was originally obtained from crushed beetles ?

21) Name the player whom Andy Murray defeated in Wimbledon's latest ever finish in the 3rd round of the 2009 championships

22) Which dance is often believed to be Polish, even though its name actually comes from a 5 letter Czech word meaning little half ?

23) The word ferret , meaning a domesticated polecat, can also be used to mean a type of which thread ?

24) What was the name of the British tool company taken to court in the 90s over supplying arms and expertise to Iraq ?

25) Karl Malden, who died last week, was nominated for Best Supporting actor in 1954 for a role in which Elia Kazan film ?

26) What is the connection between your last 4 answers ?

27) Which old cartoon character was always foiled by Vince and Musky ?

28) The Tour de france started last weekend. who won the race in 2008 ?

29) Which element of the periodic table is represented by the letter K ?

30) What is the capital city of Mozambique ?
41) Which date last week saw the 40th Anniversary of Swansea being made a city ?

42) Which two time Oscar winning actress was born Shirley Schrift ? Her final Oscar nomination was for The Poseidon Adventure .

43) In or on which building would you find the Bell harry Tower ?

44) Which aircraft company built the RAF Swordfish torpedo bombers which helped to sink the Bismarck in World war 2 ?

45) What is the connection between your last three answers ?

46) The Danish word for King is Kong. So when King Kong was released in Denmark was it called
a) King Kong - b) Kong Kong or c) Kong King ?

47) Who was the dictator of Portugal, who died in 1970 ?

48) Which work of Literature begins with a collection of travellers gathering at the Tabard Inn in Southwark ?

49) Which term is usually applied to the marine mammals the manatees and dugongs ?

50) Who was the last person to win the Wimbledon ladies singles other than the Williams sisters ?

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