Saturday, 4 April 2009

Even if you didn't get to be an Egghead last time -

You could still be one this time !

Further to my post last week I think that I now have the answer to at least one of my questions about the forthcoming new series of "Are You An Egghead ? ". I asked whether last year's contestants would be allowed back on the show. Well, apparently the last 16 players in last year's competition ( with the exception of Barry the winner, of course ) will be invited to come back for this new series, and the ones who didn't make it to the last 16 are very welcome to apply.

Thinking about it, this seems to answer the question about how they are going to maintain the quality of the last series - just get the same people in it !

Well, I can't say that I blame the producers for this pragmatic decision, and it shouldn't seriously affect anyone else's decision as to whether they apply or not - after all, if you're not prepared to take on anyone and everyone, you're probably onto a loser before you start. However I have to say that if I do apply this means that my previously miniscule chances of success have now lengthened far beyond those with which Mon Mome won today's Grand National.



untruth said...

Pedants Corner

David - it's "minuscule", not "miniscule"

No wonder that the standard of spelling is going down, if even the English teachers can't spell ;-)



Londinius said...

Hi Neil
Wot yu onn abaht ? Nuffinks rong wiv mi spellin !
Miniscule minuscule - bleedin' small whatever way you spell it !