Saturday, 18 April 2009

Answers to weekend mini quiz 11

Round One : - Cheats , Hoaxes and Forgeries

1) What was the real name of the famous Edwardian hoaxer who dressed up Virginia Woolf amongst others as Abyssinian Princes, and took them on a tour of HMS Dreadnought ?
Answer - Horace de Vere Cole

2) What was the name of the forger who created the Hitler Diaries ?
Answer - Konrad Kujau

3) Who was the coughing lecturer who allegedly aided and abetted Major Charles Ingram in his notorious appearance on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire “ ?
Answer - Tecwen Whittock

4) What was the subject of the Surgeon’s Photograph in 1933 ?
Answer - The Loch Ness Monster

5) Who hitched a lift to the finish of the 1904 St. Louis Olympic Marathon, and posed as the winner for which he received a lifetime ban from athletics, which was later rescinded ?
Answer - Fred Lorz

Round Two – General Knowledge

1) In Australia, what date is Anzac Day ?
Answer - 25th April

2) Who wrote the novel “Brothers and Sisters “ ?
Answer - Ivy Compton - Burnett

3) Which SI unit is equal to 1 Newton per square meter ?
Answer - Pascal

4) Into which 2 periods is the Stone Age divided ?
Paleolithic and neolithic

5) Which artist created the Dan Dare strip in the Eagle comic ?
Frank Hampson

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