Friday, 10 April 2009

Answers to Weekend Mini Quiz 10

Round One – The Grand National

1) In which year was the Grand National first run ?
Answer - 1st running = 1836 – 1st official running = 1839

2) What was name of the first horse to win the Grand National twice in a row ?
Answer – Abd El Kadr

3) Who was the last amateur jockey to win the Grand National ?
Answer – Mr. Marcus Armytage 1990

4) Where was the race held during the First World War ?
On the site now occupied by Gatwick Airport

5) What was the name of the horse that crossed the line first in 1993, although it didn’t win, and who was the jockey on board ?
Answer - Esha Ness – John White

Round Two - General Knowledge

1) What was the name of the world’s first ever space tourist ?
Answer - Dennis Tito

2) Who was the first person to sign the American Declaration of independence ?
Answer – John Hancock

3) What moved from the Strand, to Theobald’s Park in 1878, and from Theobald’s Park to Paternoster Square in 2003 ?
Answer – Temple Bar

4) Whose death was Shakespeare supposedly alluding to with the words “ a great reckoning in a little room “
Answer – Christopher Marlowe

5) Television.Ivan Limmer was the first person to do it. Do what ?
Answer – win a heat of Mastermind

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