Sunday, 22 March 2009

Weekend Mini Quiz - 8

Round One - in honour of the boys in white finally starting to find a bit of form - The England Rugby Union Team

1) Who captained the English team in the inaugural world cup of 1987 ?

2) While we're on the subject, which former England 5 nations winning captain had his name borrowed for the hero of a very popular series of historical novels ?

3) Which winger scored a hat trick of tries in his second appearence in an England shirt against Ireland in 1988 ?

4) For what is the England v. Australia test at Twickenham in January 1982 most often remembered ?

5) In which year will Twickenham celebrate its centenary ?

Round Two - General Knowledge

1) Who was the most famous ever holder of the title Duke of Bronte ?

2) Which temple , later converted into a christian church, is the most complete ancint roman building in the city of Rome ?

3) Charles Dickens used a work by one of his friends to help him write " A Tail of Two Cities". Which friend, and what was the book called ?

4) What is the derivation of the word hydrogen ?

5) British sitcoms. In "Fawlty Towers " what is the name of the Bernard Cribbins character that Basil mistakes for a hotel inspector ?

As usual , answer at the end of the week

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