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Weekend Mini Quiz 7 - A Question of Biscuits

Answers to Weekend Mini Quiz 6

Round One - The papers

1) Which is the only European newspaper which is in the list of the 10 newspapers with the highest circulation in the world ?
Answer - Bild - in Germany

2) Still on circulation, which is the english language newspaper with the highest circulation in the world ?
Answer - The Sun - UK

3) In which UK national newspaper does Jonathan Cainer write the astrological column ?
Answer - Daily Mail

4) What is the name of the strip in the scottish Sunday Post , which has featured a spiky haired boy in dungarees since 1936 ?
Answer - Oor Wullie

5) In 2005, what name did the Guardian give to the new size format it adopted ?
Answer - Berliner

Round Two General Knowledge

1) Why did BBC reporter Steve Parry hit the headlines during the Beijing Olympics of 2008 ?
Answer - He was continually mistaken for swimmer Michael Phelps - to whom he did bear a passing resemblance

2) Who directed the animated Beatles film "Yellow Submarine " ?
Answer - George Dunning

3) The 11th century Old english poem "The Battle of Maldon" describes the disastrous consequences of Ealdorman Byrtnoth's decision to allow the vikings to cross a causeway so they could fight them. Of which english county was Byrtnoth the ealdorman ?
Answer - Essex

4) In which modern day country was Joseph Djugashvili - known as Stalin - actually born ?
Answer - Georgia

5) Which company produced the Ro80 car, which used a revolutionary ( sic ) rotary engine ?
Answer - NSU

Weekend Mini Quiz 7

Round One - Biscuits

1) What makes a jaffa cake a cake rather than a biscuit ?

2) Which biscuit shares its name with a ruling house of France ?

3) Which company manufactured the original Jammie Dodgers ?

4) Which type of wafers were famously made by Huntley and Palmers ?

5) Which biscuits have the unenvied nickname "dead fly biscuits " ?

Bonus specialist Quiz

Yes - there's no General Knowledge this week, but as a bonus, this quiz on the Beatles, sent to me by Mastermind 2008 semi-finalist James Corcoran : -

1. Name the order of the 4 Beatles left to right on the 'Abbey Road' LP cover
2. What 2007 film was based around the music of The Beatles?
3. Which film did David Essex star alongside one of The Beatles?
4. Name each of the Beatles first wives
5. Who was the Producer for all but one of their Studio Albums? 
6. Complete the line ' "The Girl with ....... eyes"
7. Complete the line "Speaking words of wisdom ...."
8.  In what year was John Lennon shot?
9. And in front of what building?
10. In which city does the 'Love' Cirque de Soleil production take place?

So there we are - enjoy. In case you're wondering what prompted me to ask a set of questions about biscuits, well, the fact is that it all stems from a breaktime conversation I had with some of my pupils yesterday. A propos of nothing, one of the young scallywags pipes up out of the blue, asking me what my favourite type of biscuit is. Now, if you're like me, this is the type of question which you can neither ignore, nor give a quick answer to. So the discussion widened to encompass the Top Ten Biscuits Of All Time.

Are you with me so far ? Well and good. Now , in one of my top ten selections I nominated sports biscuits - which was met with surprise from the kids since they didn't know what I was talking about. Having access to the net in the classroom I immediately logged on and googled 'sports biscuits' to show them.

Two sites I found left me with incredulity. Firstly a page with the title "Campaign for Real Sports Biscuits ". I kid you not. Apparently Fox's - who are makers of superior biscuits IMHO - recently revived the venerable sports biscuit. However, instead of the traditional stick figures engaged in a range of sporting activities, they show fully realised figures. According to the purists this is beyond the pale - hence the campaign for real sports biscuits.

The other site which intrigued me was one which actually carried reviews of different biscuits.

So if nothing else, at least from now on when anyone has the front to tell me that my quiz obssession is sad or strange, at least I will be able to make the reply, - well, I can't be all that sad, after all, I've never led a campaign for real sports biscuits, and I've never written a two page review of a biscuit like some people have.

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JC said...

Can't take credit for The Beatles quiz - that goes to Tom McCarthy (although I did get them all right and win the quiz...)