Friday, 20 March 2009

Answers to Weekend Mini Quiz 7

Round One - Biscuits

1) What makes a jaffa cake a cake rather than a biscuit ?
It goes hard when its stale. The official definition says that biscuits go soft when they are stale, and cakes go hard

2) Which biscuit shares its name with a ruling house of France ?

3) Which company manufactured the original Jammie Dodgers ?

4) Which type of wafers were famously made by Huntley and Palmers ?
Cornish Wafers

5) Which biscuits have the unenvied nickname "dead fly biscuits " ?

Bonus specialist Quiz

1. Name the order of the 4 Beatles left to right on the 'Abbey Road' LP cover
George - Paul - Ringo - John
2. What 2007 film was based around the music of The Beatles?
Across the Universe
3. Which film did David Essex star alongside one of The Beatles?
That'll Be The Day
4. Name each of the Beatles first wives
John - Cynthia Powell - Paul - Linda Eastman - George - Pattie Boyd - Ringo - Maureen Cox
5. Who was the Producer for all but one of their Studio Albums? 
(Sir ) George Martin
6. Complete the line ' "The Girl with ....... eyes"
7. Complete the line "Speaking words of wisdom ...."
Let It Be
8.  In what year was John Lennon shot?
9. And in front of what building?
The Dakota Building
10. In which city does the 'Love' Cirque de Soleil production take place?
Las Vegas

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