Saturday, 31 January 2009

The Weekend Mini-Quiz

The Weekend Mini-Quiz

A friend of mine discovered the blog last week, and he asked me whether I ever put quizzes into it. I said that I didn't, but it got me thinking, and so that's why I've decided that I'm going to try to share a few tricky ( well I think they are ) questions with you every weekend , if I can. If you're ready then, away we go.

Two Round Mini Quiz Number 1

Themed round - 5 questions on Quizzes and Quiz Game Shows

1) In the 1994 film "Quiz Show" what is the name of the TV show on which Charles van Doren - played by Ralph Fiennes - defeated Herb Stempel after being fed answers by the production team ?

2) Which ITV quiz show of 1982 offered a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost as the prize ?

3) What was the very first quiz show to air on ITV ?

4) Who holds the record for the highest ever score in a single round of "Mastermind" ?

5) Who was Bob Johnson, and why is he remembered with affection by Game show afficionadoes ?

Round Two - 5 General Knowledge questions

1) Which irish athlete, famed for his abilities on indoor tracks was nicknamed The Chairman of the Boards ?

2) Following Edward VI , who was the next male heir to the throne to be born to a reigning British King ?

3) Architect Charles Holden is probably best remembered for which particular set of buildings ?

4) Oscar Diggs was the real name of which eponymous character from a perennially favourite children's book of 1900 ?

5) What was the first species of dinosaur to be described in scientific literature ?

There we are - 10 questions, no prizes. I'll print the answers with the next set of questions next weekend. If you can't wait, drop me an email , together with your answers, and I'll let you know how you did. Alternatively, if you're too shy to want to email me, then I'm sure that Google, wikipedia etc. can help you out.

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