Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Please Please Tell Me Now -

Is there something I should know ?
Good quiz last night in Newport. Yes, we did win, thank you for asking. In the last round we were asked the question,
"Which record was the last UK number 1 single for the band DuranDuran ? "
Members of the team put together a list of 6 or 7 possible singles, including amongst others Rio, Girls on Film , Planet Earth, Wild Boys, New Moon on Monday, Union of the Snake, Save a Prayer, and so on. I'm happy to say that I put my foot down, and said that the only DuranDuran singles I was certain got to number one were "Is there something I should know ? " and "Reflex" - of which "Reflex " was the later. This proved to be the correct answer.

Being the anally retentive person that I am I googled Duran Duran today, and lo and behold, they did only ever have the two number 1 singles. Quite surprising. Now, don't get me wrong. I wasn't a particular fan of DuranDuran, although every girl I went out with between 1980 and 1984 was, but they were at their biggest at a particularly happy time in my life, the early to mid 80s, when I was at the 6th form , then university. Its easy to forget it now, but they were massive at the time. 2 number 1s only seems a rather poor total, although rivals Spandau Ballet only did manage the one - "True" - come to think of it. "Gold" was kept off the top spot by KC and the Sunshine Band's "Give it Up". Here's a thought on the same subject, and not a pretty one at that. The Spice Girls had more UK number 1 singles than the Rolling Stones. Don't even get me started on Westlife.

I'm meandering. What I think I'm getting at is that when I started quizzing, questions about Duran Duran would have been very much 'current' pop music questions, and would have got the same reaction from most of the teams around then, as questions about, for want of a better example, the Killers and the Arctic Monkeys get from me now. Now such a question only provokes general waves of nostalgia. Which is all yet more incontrovertible proof - should any more be needed - I'm getting old. I don't mind the increasing evidence that I'm past it - I just never realised that I actually ever reached it in the first place.

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