Monday, 19 January 2009

Stop Press - Brain of Britain Final - Monday 19th January

Brain of Britain Final

1:30 pm lunchtime today saw the broadcast of the final of the Brain of Britain. IMHO its been a great series with some terrific performances, and with dear old Robert Robinson back at the helm, you don't get a much better quiz than this. Long may he continue.

So then , to the final itself. Four men contested the final - Mr. Worth, Mr. Steeples, Mr. Simmons and Mr. Thomas. I am sorry to say that I am not familiar with Mr. Worth or Mr. Steeples, but they earned their place in the finals, and so my congratulations to them. Worthy competitors both.

Mr. Simmons though I do know, for he is the same Barry Simmons who impressed so much when winning "Are You An Egghead ?" in November. As for Mr. Thomas, he is my Mastermind predecessor, Geoff Thomas, aiming to follow Roger Pritchard, Kevin Ashman, Chris Hughes, and Pat Gibson by doing the Mastermind & Brain of Britain double whammy.

Barry Simmons , as he showed in "Are You An Egghead ? " is a great quizzer. However his challenge foundered on a number of really tough 1st and 2nd questions. I've no doubt that he'll make no complaints about the result, but he certainly didn't have a lot of luck this year. Not that Geoff Thomas' today win owed anything at all to luck. All of the finalists have impressed throughout the series, and all of them had some terrific answers today, but I think I'm not being unfair when I say that Geoff was clearly the pick of the bunch. For the record Geoff scored 20 points, and Mr. Steeples was a worthy second. Thanks to all of you for providing some great quizzing entertainment today, and throughout the series. Roll on Brain of Britain 2009 ( note to the production team - this time please send me the application form I've asked for ! )

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