Thursday, 14 August 2008

Stop Press

Looks like I was a little hasty awarding the daftest answer of the week earlier. For I caught the last 20 minutes of tonight's The Weakest Link, to be greeted with this little gem : -

Question : - The RAF fighter pilot who was the first player to earn 50 caps for Engliand in Rugby Union was called Rory Who ?

Answer : - McGrath ?

While we're revisiting the TV quizzes this week, lets go back to Battle of the Brains for a bit. Tonight a team from Newport and Cardiff defeated the reigning champions, The Clayheads. I know all of the Ant Hill Mob, in fact I actually played in the same team with two of them on Monday. A great performance to win, but they couldn't put together the 6 correct answers to win £2000. That's hardly surprising. Every 3rd or 4th question in this round is an absolute snorter. However it did underline a problem. I really hope that they are not offended when I say this, but 4 of the team are great quizzers, but 2 of them aren't of the same standard. The tactic in the money round tonight seemed to be to start off with a questions to one of the two weaker members of the team, and this just didn't come off as she couldn't get started with a few of the questions. Basically, if you haven't got a team of 6 great players, then you can forget it.

Anyway, well done guys ! The South Wales quiz community is proud of you !

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