Saturday, 2 August 2008

Final Score

Yes, now that my holiday quiz marathon is over I can reveal the final score. Not good actually. On Thursday night we came second in the quiz in the Rugby Club. The connected questions did for us. It was a good quiz, but we just couldn't get two of the connections, and lost 4 points thereby.

The connections quiz isn't my invention - I played in one many years ago, and liked it so much that I stole the idea and introduced it to the rugby cluub. It works like this. Three questions are asked - and there should be no obvious connection between the 3 questions themselves. However, when you look at the three answers you've come up with, then that's the connection. Eg
In an old advert - what gives you the taste of paradise ?
Which actor received oscars for Hannah and her Sisters and Cider House Rules ?
What nationality was tennis player and James Bond film actor Vijay Amritraj ?

Answers : -
Sir Michael CAINE
Connection : - MUTINIES

Its a nice gimmick, and can be good mental exercise coming up with the connections. I do them once every 3 quizzes I do for the club. But now other people use the same idea too, and its not unknown to have connections quizzes twice or even three times in a row. Personally I think you can overdo a gimmick. Once in a while keeps them wanting more.

So, the final score is, from 5 quizzes. won 1 , drew 1 , two 2nd places, and 1 also ran. I didn't go to a quiz last night. This is partly because I have gone to London with three of my daughters for a family get together, and partly because it is very difficult to find a quiz on a Friday or a Saturday evening.

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