Friday, 8 August 2008

Back in the Game

I was away in London last weekend, and didn’t get back until Monday, so I missed quizzes on both Sunday and Monday. I didn’t go to a quiz on either Tuesday or Wednesday, feeling that I owed the family a little quality time after my quiz marathon last week. So last night was the first quiz I ‘d been to in 7 days. What is the world coming to ?

Aberavon Rugby Club, Thursday night quiz.
Question master was Geoff, a guy I know slightly from the good old days of the Neath Quiz league, sadly defunct for several years now. Rob from Lemurs acted as his scorer, so Lemurs were down to just Terry and Gail, and presented little opposition tonight.

Not a bad quiz though. Like Brian last week, Geoff opted to use the connection format, with the twist being that each round had two lots of connections. Personally I thought this made for something of an easier quiz than normal – we dropped three points out of 80, but we won fairly comfortably, and it’s a sobering thought that while many people in the club have complained about a quiz being too hard, none of them have ever complained about a quiz own the club being too easy. One lovely connection he asked was :-

1) Name the element which takes its name from a greek word – Adamis – meaning hard ?
2) Which actor starred in jaws – Whose Life is it Anyway – Down and Out in Beverly Hills ?
3) What lists contain names of the most popular books at any one time ?
4) Which actress has been in Doctor Who, Dynasty, and Triangle
5) What is the connection between your last 4 answers

2) Richard DREYFUS
4) KATE O’Mara ( KATO ! )
5) Pink Panther films !

The KATO connection tickled me. Still, last night’s quiz does leave me with a problem. I am setting next Thursday’s quiz – all well and good – but I wanted to do connections. I can’t subject them all to it again , though. Even a great gimmick like connections can be overused. As a rough rule of thumb I’ll do a connections quiz once every three quizzes. Still, I have a rough idea formulating about using jokers. Watch this space to see if it comes to anything.

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