Sunday, 20 July 2014

New Sunday night quiz

As I sit here in the living room, waiting for the Monty Python live broadcast to start, I do so in a certain amount of anticipation. About the show? Not really. Like a lot of blokes of my age I can probably recite most of the sketches along with them. No, the fact is that I gave myself a couple of hours to find a new quiz to try tonight. I’m honestly not that fussy – basically anywhere between Swansea and Cardiff I’ll try. Using the net I came up with 8 or 9 possibilities. My first phone call revealed that the pub had stopped doing the quiz some time ago. Oh well, that’s part for the course, I’m afraid. The second call, though, was a lot more fruitful. Yes, sir, said the nice lady on the phone, and it starts at 8:45. Great.

Jessie’s going to come with me, riding shotgun, as it were. To be honest, I’m not asking for a great deal from a Sunday quiz these days. Time was that John and I would turn our noses up at anything that wasn’t home made, but now I’m just happy to find a place where they’ll chuck a few questions in my general direction, and not get too funny about it if I happen to get more of them right than the other teams. So much the better if : -
* It manages to ask a couple of interesting questions
* If there is a picture round, then pictures should be few, and obvious
* Entertainment questions are rationed sensibly and interspersed with a wide variety of other genres
*Cheating is non existent – or if there is cheating, then the QM takes action promptly and effectively
* The words ‘the next round is a family fortunes round’ never pass the QM’s lips

Alright, come to think of it – I do ask for a lot, then.

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