Saturday, 17 May 2014

In The News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Rise Like a Phoenix
2. David Lowe
3. Ray McGovern
4. Jimmy Ellis
5. Thomas Neuwirth
6. Michael Sam
7. Marianne Vos
8. Bermane Stiverne
9. Lauriston Court Hotel
10. Abubakar Shekau
11. Event Horizon
12. Pepe Mel
13. Oscar Garcia
14. Iain McGregor
15. Sanya-Jeet Thandi
16. H.R.Giger
17. Ehud Olmert
18. Black on Maroon
19. Wyverns
20. Stephen Sutton
21. Jacques Hamoir
22. Richard Scudamore
23. @InvictusLondon
24. Lou Vincent
25. Aseem Malhotra
26. Narendra Modi
27. Mary Stewart
28. James O’Brien
29. The Island

In Other News

1. IN which state of the USA did a tragic ballooning accident occur?
2. A blue plaque was unveiled to which much loved comedian last week?
3. Which landmark reopened in Washington DC?
4. Who won the Spanish GP?
5. Which England veteran footballer was controversially not picked for Roy Hodgson’s world cup squad?
6. What was the result of the Derby v. Brighton play off semi final?
7. Which team won the HSBC World Sevens Series?
8. Which University was top of the UK Universities list?
9. Which 3 teams were relegated from the Premier League?
10. Why were three members of Take That in the News?
11. Which area declared independence from the Ukraine?
12. Turkey were ordered to pay 90 million Euros by the European Court of Human Rights for what?
13. What was the result of the QPR v. Wigan play off semi final?
14. Name the owner of Aston Villa who placed the club up for sale?
15. Nigel Davies was sacked as Director of rugby of which English club?
16. Who confirmed he will compete in the Commonwealth Games?
17. Reports came in last week of a team who claim to have discovered the remains of which famous ship?
18. Which actress and comedienne announced last week that she is suffering from cancer?
19. What did the prosecutor in the Oscar Pistorius trial ask for and receive last week?
20. What was the result of the Orient v Peterborough League 1 play off semi?
21. Who was sacked as manager of Spurs?
22. Which team trialed an unsuccessful megaphone to make their exhausts louder in formula 1 testing last week?
23. Britons were evacuated from which Kenyan city last week?
24. Mark Carney announced that Interest Rates will be maintained at which level?
25. Where did the Turkish mining disaster occur?
26. Which university was voted Britain’s finest by students?
27. What was the result of the Europa League final?
28. What museum opened in New York last week?
29. Who is appearing in the film “Mr. Turner” as JMW Turner?
30. Which unusual venue will host “Question Time” on 29th May?
31. Which of the Play School toys is to be auctioned?
32. What was the result of the Rotherham v. Preston play off semi?
33. Who lost his appeal over his ban for snooker match fixing?
34. Whose system collapsed when tickets for the Commonwealth Games were supposed to go on sale last week?
35. What did Sepp Blatter admit was a mistake?
36. How much have E.On been ordered to pay back to customers?
37. Frank Skinner is to appear as a guest in which classic TV series?


dxdtdemon said...

For number 6, unless the famous criminal did something newsworthy this past week, I'm assuming you meant St. Louis Rams defensive end Michael Sam.

Londinius said...

Oops - thanks Demon - all sorted now