Thursday, 29 May 2014

Calling All Quiz Leagues

I’ve just received an email today from 2013 Mastermind finalist Andrew Frazer. Andrew asked me if I could help publicize the Association of British Quiz Leagues. I will be placing a permanent link in my links section, but you can also find the website by clicking on this link: -

Association of British Quiz Leagues

I take the liberty of reprinting some of Andrew’s email here: -

Dear Dave,
I wonder whether you could assist me. I’m trying to make contact with as many quiz leagues as possible to invite them to join the Association of British Quiz Leagues, which is a contact network that I set up a couple of years ago.

I have approached Bridgend QL; and I’ve seen a reference to a Pembroke and Pembroke Dock QL, but don’t have any contact details. However I understand that there are quite a few leagues in South Wales and that you may be able to help me find them.

Well, actually the only league I have contact details for in South Wales is the Bridgend league itself, so hopefully if any readers can help with that, could you go to the website, and you’ll be able to contact Andrew directly from that. Likewise, if there are any other quiz leagues anywhere else, and you think that this is the sort of thing you’d like to be involved in – and why wouldn’t you? – then could you check out the website as well, and maybe contact Andrew. The more the merrier.

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