Sunday, 19 June 2011

News Questions

Who or what are : -


Christina Kircher

Owais Dar


Karen Gordon

Andrew Symeou

Moya Greene

Jamie Stewart and Joanne Fraill

Spiderman – Turn off the Dark

Sean Murphy

David Abraham

Fame and Glory

Kevin Hart

Anthony McErlean

Kevin O’Hare

Arun Nayer

Crystal Harris



Which is officially Europe’s most gridlocked city ? ( London is 3rd )

Which London Borough refused to make Bob Dylan a Freeman ?

Panorama had to apologise over ‘faked’ footage of what ?

What were stolen from a museum at Seogram Ashram in India ?

On which course is this year’s US Open being played ?

An outcry has forced the government of Austria to scrap plans to sell off what ?

Which ground staged its first ever test match ?

Who was sacked as manager of Terek Grozny ?

To whom did Christine Bleakley become engaged ?

Which 85 year old played the Glastonbury Festival ?

Who captained Sri Lanka in the third test ?

Alan Shearer turned down an offer to manage which football club ?

Where did the Royal Ballet perform for the first time last week ?

Off the coast of which Cornish town was a dangerous shark reported last week ?

Cecilia Mcdowall has composed a choral piece of music based on what ?

Which 2 teaching unions voted for a strike on June 30th ?

Which games company are the latest to have been hacked into ?

The Anglican church is set to allow the ordination of gay bishops – on which condition ?

Which piece of music came top of the vote for Desert Island Discs by the general public ?

Which college was stopped from using a kettle as a mascot in a recording for the next series of University Challenge ?

A recent study has shown which hobby to be the most conducive to good health ?

Again, a recent study has revealed that which accents are a) the most helpful – and b) the least helpful to candidates in interviews for jobs ?

Damning documents from whose time in ministerial office were revealed last week ?

Who knocked Rafael Nadal out of Queens’ ?

Which welsh rugby player has been suspended by the WRU following an altercation in a Cardiff street ?

Which athlete announced his decision not to compete in the European team athletics championship on Twitter ?

Women in Saudi Arabia have been protesting over which issue ?

Anne Robinson was criticized over a question she asked vicar Peter Hayler on The Weakest Link. What was the question ?

Which new A Level grade is to come in above A* ?

What is the name of the BBC’s new X-Factor style talent show, announced for next year ?

What was allowed to be worn in the Ascot Royal Enclosure for the first time this year ?

DC Comics have revealed that Superman is going to lose his what ?

Which stage race was won by Bradley Wiggins ?

Schools in which British town have found out that they are in fact twinned with schools in Abbotabad ?

The descendants of Jacques du Molay have petitioned the Vatican for a pardon. Jacques du Molay was the last head of which organization ?

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