Friday, 23 September 2016

Make Me An Egghead

Congratulations to the two new Eggheads, Steve Cook and Beth Webster.

I was offered the chance to audition for the series by 12 Yard Productions, who still have my details on file after I reached the quarter final of series 2 of "Are You An Egghead". One of my criteria for having another go at a show is that I would only do it if I felt that I had a realistic chance of doing better than I did the previous time. That's why I did reapply to Mastermind after getting beaten in the first round in 2006, and why I haven't reapplied to Brain of Britain after being joint runner up in 2010. As for Are You/Make Me An Egghead, unless the standard of competitor was significantly lower than it had been in 2009, there was no way that I wold have done any better. For example, I cannot see any chance that I would have beaten winner Steve Cook in a month of Sundays had we met in any stage- I met Steve when he won the 2014 Brain of Mensa competition in impressive style.

Congratulations both.


Steve Cooke said...

Hi David

Many thanks for the kind words - although I do think you're being unduly harsh on yourself. If the questions fall your way, it doesn't matter - and if they don't, it helps to be a good guesser. I definitely think that the stars were aligned in my favour. Many congratulations on your 'Brain of Mensa' title. A worthy winner. All the best and great to have you back doing the blog.

Steve Cooke

Gmackematix said...

Hi Steve via David,

As I can't see you on Facebook or Twitter, this is the closest to contact since you won. With my reaching the final (with help) on Only Connect and also reaching the final (with a bit of luck) on Make Me An Egghead, I really am this year's nearly man. I came from both tournaments with nothing, not even a blog about it here but family and friends in and out of the quiz community have been very sympathetic about it.

How is life on the other side of the fame curtain? Are you celebrated in Derbyshire and the obvious question you must be sick of answering, has your son got his dog yet? I do hope you csn turn up at one of the quiz Grand Prix at some point.

Gerard Mackay

Steve Cooke said...

Hi Gerard

Great to hear from you. Unfortunately, I am a)a bit of a technophobe and b)a total non-believer in social media (although one or two 'friends' were only too happy to point out what people were saying about me on Twitter. Hey ho, you're never gonna please everyone. I can only hope that, as the saying goes, it's third time lucky for you in a quizzing sense. One of the production crew came up to me the week after we'd played and asked after you. When I explained that I didn't know and that I'd only met you the day we played, he was shocked - he thought we'd been mates for years. I think that speaks volumes about you - you're a top bloke, a phenomenal quizzer and I only hope something breaks for you soon. As Pat said to me after the final, it's horrible because to realise one person's dreams you have to shatter the dreams of nineteen others. What made it worse for me wqas that I genuinely liked the three opponents I faced - I was hoping I'd be up against at least one dickhead so I could get my 'game face' on, but everyone was bang on. The best thing about winning so far (being a non-Facebooker) is that people I have not heard of for years have got in touch - it's surprising how many people watch the show. I was hoping that it may lead to a reconciliation with my daughter (a story for another day) but I've heard nothing yet. My son ended up with a miniature Schnauzer called Sonny, which likes chewing my books and sees my house as an indoor toilet. I was never in it for the 'fame' (although the girl on reception at the local cinema recognised me last night) but it has meant that I have been able to pack my pathetic job up and devote more time to some serious learning. MMAE made me realise how much I need to do. I was planning on coming to the British championships a few weeks ago with a couple of mates, but had to cancel at the eleventh hour when the driver had a change of plan. It would be nice to catch up and I genuinely wish you all the best for the future. I doubt it will be any consolation at all, but for what it's worth, I thought you had some terrible questions in the final.

Good luck


Gmackematix said...

Hi Steve,

I saw your first episode last night and thought you and Beth looked good in the roles. I don't think I would have remembered what the expression IRL was so well saved by Beth there. Also, happily, you weren't wearing the orange thing you wore on breakfast TV so I didn't have to turn the contrast down!

As for Twitter, it's all humanity on there so there are usually some warm positive comments among with the twattery, but it can be easy to let the latter needle you. Facebook these days for me, largely involves posts from other members of the quiz community so I quite enjoy it. I can just about trust myself not to post anything embarrassing while drunk and I don't have anyone likely to 'frape' me.

You were clearly pretty easy to get on with so I'm not surprised people thought we knew each other. Anyway, my daily grind beckons so I'd better say tata for now. I shall see one of your competitors, Ian Bayley, at a quiz on Saturday. See you some time and best wishes to you and the family with its new member Sonny.

Have fun,


Londinius said...

Thanks Steve - I'm sure you'll enjoy your time as an Egghead.

I'm sorry Gerard. It's very true that I don't blog anything like as much as I used to, but the fact is that it had become a chore for me, and I shouldn't feel like that about something the whole purpose of which is to give me pleasure. So it was either a question of cut back, or stop doing it altogether. But I am sorry that your achievements haven't been commemorated in a blog post. Have you checked Weaver's Week? I'm sure it won't have gone unnoticed there.