Saturday, 16 May 2015

In the News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

The Magic Whip
Lars Peter Nordhaug
Armata T14
Lindsey Vonn
Bobby Heath
Sir Norman Bettinson
Robert Blay
Dave Goldberg
Richie Porte
Alessandra Ferri
Grant Ferguson
Gavin Caldwell
Richard Colton
Danae Stratou
Memphis Depay
John Whittingdale
Greg Clark
Pritti Patel
Amber Rudd
Anna Soubry
Sajid Javid
Matthew Hancock
Norman Lamb
Georgina Campbell
Woman of Algiers
Tracey Crouch
Killer Women
Paul Cook
Patagonian Toothfish
Marshal Hyon-Yong-Choi
Mary Creagh
Amelia Caller
Patrick O’Flynn
Roger Smith
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
Manu Tuilagi

In Other News

Which politician called for “Doctor Who “ and “Strictly Come Dancing” to be scrapped?
What are the three first names of the royal baby
Which crime writer passed away?
What was the result of the Mayweather Pacquiao fight?
Chelsea confirmed their league title with victory over which team?
Which club won The Championship?
What was the result in the European rugby championship?
For which team did Danny Jones, who tragically passed away during a rugby league match, play?
Who publically backed, and then later repudiated the Labour Party before and after the election?
Which French politician was suspended from the party he formed?
Which Spurs and England all time great suffered a severe stroke?
Which England player retired from international cricket?
Which European champion announced that she won’t run in this year’s world athletics championship in Beijing?
What was the score in the first leg champs league semi between Real and Juventus?
 – and Barcelona and Bayern?
Which excuse for defeat was given by Manny Pacquiao
What was the result in the final of the world snooker championship?
Which attraction quickly included a model of new Princess Charlotte?
Who is England’s new Director of Cricket?
Which singer passed away , aged 71?
The Who were confirmed for which festival?
The BBC4 show All Aboard! The Canal Trip – was filmed on which canal?
What did Graham Taylor deny he was ordered by the FA?
Which 4 teams contested the Championship play offs?
What was significant about May 8th?
Who became Singapore’s first celebrity anti drug ambassador?
Which 4 teams contested the League 1 play offs?
Which party leader’s resignation was not accepted?
Who resigned from the Labour Party over its attitude towards business?
Whom did Andy Murray defeat in the final of the Madrid Masters?
Who won the Spanish GP?
Stephen Hawking is to appear where?
Which country banned the use of its National Anthem as a ringtone?
Who entered and then withdrew from the Labour Leadership contest?
With whom was it announced that Sally Bercow has had an affair?
Which british heptathlete has pulled out of Gotzis?
What was the score in the second leg champs league semi between Bayern and Barcelona?
– and Real and Juventus?
Which decision did Greece reach over the Elgin marbles?
What is the world’s most valuable brand, according to the Forbes Magazine list?
What has Sarah Brightman pulled out of?
Who was named Britain’s most influential Catholic?
What stipulation have AQA made about their new GCSE Music course?
What has happened to the USA men’s 4x100m sprint team from the 2012 Olympics?
Which british actress is on the jury at the Cannes film festival?
Who is the RFUs England player of the year?
Who won the Babcock Trophy?
Who quit The Simpsons?
Which former world Motorcycle champion passed away last week?
Whose dogs had to be deported from Australia?
A new earthquake struck which country?
Europa League – semi final Dnipro v. Napoli
Europa League – semi final – Seville v. Fiorentina
Which injury did Alberto Contador suffer in stage 6 of the Giro D’Italia?
Which tournament did Andy Murray quit due to fatigue?
How much were Aston Villa fined for crowd trouble in the match against West Brom?
Which royal event will only be screened by ITV in 2016?
Which musician passed away aged 89?

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