Saturday, 14 March 2015

Answers to News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Boris Nemtsov
Pebble Smartwatch
Toby Rowlands
Misao Okawa
Nathan Matthews
Bafetimbi Gomis
David Sharpe
Jamshed Javeed
Papiss Cisse
Jonny Evans
Adeyemi Zubairu
Mark Lippert
Adam Johnson
Les Munro
Turing Law
Dave Mackay

In Other News

What was the result of the Carling Cup Final?
In the 6 Nations what was the result between England and Ireland?
Who retained his European Heavyweight boxing championship?
What is Britain’s favourite superbrand?
Who said his great regret was that he had never become a rock star?
What was Thursday 5th March
Who called Bollywood Directors ‘thieves’ for stealing his plots?
Which comedienne is making her return to the BBC after 30 years?
Who had her Commonwealth Games gold medal returned by thieves?
What have been causing damage to trees in the woods in Crewkerne?
What is happening to the Cornish language partnership?
The last Ebola patient has left hospital in which West African country?
The home of which former MP was searched by police in association with historic sex abuse allegations?
What disaster befell Ambridge this week?
Which sporting celebrity is taking part in the Australian version of I’m A Celebrity at the moment?
Which golfer won his first title for 7 years in the Honda classic?
Who was stripped of his CBE by Buckingham Palace last week?
Poundland was told what by the ASA last week?
Aston Villa got their first win in 13 matches against whom?
Which Hollywood actor survived crashing his own plane?


Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news

Russian opposition leader who was assassinated
The most funded Kickstarter project ever
PC who received £80,000 in damages over plebgate
World’s oldest person 117
Charged with the murder of his stepsister Becky Watts
Japanese battleship from WWII found by Microsoft’s Paul Allen
Swansea footballer collapsed during match against Spurs
23 year old who has taken over as chairman of Wigan Athletic from his grandfather
Chemistry teacher, aspiring Jihadi given 9 year prison sentence
Newcastle striker given 7 match ban for spitting
Man Utd player also accused of spitting
Illegal Immigrant who used a forged passport to get a job working in the House of Commons
US Ambassador to South Korea attacked by knife man
England Footballer arrested in connection with allegation of sex with girl under 16
Last surviving Dambusters pilot, selling medals to make donation to Bomber Command Memorial fund
Ed Milliband promised that if Labour are elected gay men with convictions for homosexual activity under historic laws will be pardoned
All time great Spurs and Scotland player passed away
Ancient Assyrian city allegedly destroyed by ISIS

In Other news

2 – 0 Chelsea
19 – 9 Ireland
Tyson Fury
British Airways
Boris Johnson
World Book Day
Jeffrey Archer
Tracey Ullman
Kelly Southerton
Someone has been nailing ‘fairy doors’ to them
It is closing after losing its funding
Harvey Proctor
Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff
Padraig Harrington
Rolf Harris
They can no longer claim that everything in their shops is £1 – because some things aren’t
West Brom
Harrison Ford

1 comment:

George Millman said...

Not strictly relevant to this post, but something I was wondering about your take on; I don't know if you watch the BBC quiz show Perfection regularly (I think you've mentioned it on here a few times), but since it returned from its mid-series break the new episodes have been on BBC Two, two episodes per day from 6am. Considering it had a rather nice mid-afternoon BBC One slot before this, I find this rather odd. Its old slot is now host to a new quiz called The Edge with Mark Benton, which is simply awful and I advise you not to watch if you want to keep your sanity.

Think they're trying to kill the show? I hope not. It seems surprising though, as along with Pointless and Eggheads it seems to have become quite a staple of the daily BBC quiz genre, and although I don't know the viewing figures, it seems to have quite a positive reception. I've been talking about it with people on Digital Spy, there seem to be quite a few others who enjoy it and are surprised and concerned about the scheduling.

Sorry if this comment is a bit irrelevant, just thought it was an interesting one to mention.