Friday, 6 March 2015

Answers to News Questions

In The News

Who or what are the following and why have they be in news?

Love me like you do
Kadiza Sultana – Shamina Begum – Amira Abase
Dan Topolski
Simon Middleton
Martin Castrogiovanni
Natalie Bennett
Ken Shuttleworth
Lesley Gore
Royal Blood
Christian Hammer
Colin Graves
72, Western Avenue, Speke
The Road to Little Dribbling
Mohamed Emrazi
Carmen Jorda
Corporal Joshua Leakey
Leonard Nimoy
B. Akerlund
Alana MacInnes, of Uist, and Caitlin McNeill

In Other News

A pair of boxing gloves sold for $1 million. What was their significance?
Who won the Oscar for Best Actor?
– and Best Actress?
– and Best Film?
What was the score between Liverpool and Southampton?
– and Swansea and Man Utd.?
Which two former ministers were accused of charging cash for access?
Mo Farah set which world record?
Which organization was accused of hypocrisy over the living wage?
The Mayor of which city called Jeremy Clarkson a buffoon over some of his comments about his city?
Who crashed at 100mph in F1 testing?
When will the 2022 World Cup be held now?
Which tennis player announced he will not be playing in the Davis Cup this year?
Who said that he will transform himself like Gandalf?
England got their first win in the Cricket world cup against whom?
Which became the third US state to legalise recreational use of cannabis?
Sir Malcolm Rifkind quit as head of which committee?
Which theory about the Black Death was promulgated last week?
What was the champions league score between Man City and Barcelona?
– and Arsenal and Monaco?
Which winger was dropped from the England rugby team for the match against Ireland?
 – and which full back was ruled out through injury?
What was Chris Gayle’s score for the West Indies when he became the first player ever to score a double century in the cricket world cup?
Ireland took their second world cup win against which country?
Who became the first 22 year old ever to win 50 RU test caps?
What changes did the Commons Culture Media and Sport committee call to be made to the BBC?
Who won the Brit Award for best solo Male Artist?
– and best solo Female Artist?
 – and Album of the Year?
The House of Lords called for the UK to appoint an ambassador to where?
A failed Police corruption case concerning the murder of whom is to be reviewed?
Ed Milliband has promised to cut tuition fees by which figure?
Eddie Redmayne is to provide a voice for which children’s TV series?
What was the Europa League score between Liverpool and Besiktas?
– and Spurs and Fiorentina?
– and Everton and Young Boys?
– and Inter Milan and Celtic?
Who is reportedly quitting the armed forces to concentrate on Charity Work?
This winter is set to be the hottest since which year?
What sentence did Gary Glitter receive for sexually abusing three schoolgirls?


Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Ellie Goulding song which has broken the all time streaming record
Girls who left Bethnal Green to go to Syria to join Isil
Extremely successful rowing coach, passed away
New coach of England Women’s RU team
Italian Rugby legend, unable to play in 6 Nations matches because he was bitten by a dog on the nose
Leader of Green Party – apologized for poor performance on LBC radio interview
Architect who criticized his profession as being ‘arrogant’ and ‘egotistical’
Singer – best known for ‘It’s My Party’ – passed away
Won best British Group at Brits
Next opponent for Tyson Fury
New chairman of ECB
Former home of Paul McCartney – put on market
Notes from a Small Island 2 – to be published
Identified as ‘Jihadi John’
New female test driver for Lotus
New Carole King Musical
Received the Victoria Cross
TV’s Mr. Spock – passed away
Designed Madonna’s malfunctioning cape for the Brits
Launched the debate about the blue and black/white and gold dress

In Other News

They were Ali’s gloves from his second fight with Liston
Eddie Redmayne
Julianne Moore
2 – 0 Liverpool
2 – 1 Swansea
Malcolm Rifkind and Jack Straw
Indoor 2 mile world record
The Church of England
Fernando Alonso
The World Cup
Roger Federer
Boris Johnson
Commons Intelligence Committee
That the fleas were carried by gerbils, not rats
2 – 1 Barcelona
3 – 1 Monaco
Johnny May
Mike Brown
United Arab Emirates
George North
Called for abolition of License fee and BBC Trust
Ed Sheeran
Paloma Faith
X – by Ed Sheeran
The Arctic
Lynette White
Thomas the Tank Engine
1 – 0 Besiktas (Besiktas through on penalties)
2 – 0 Fiorentina
3 – 1 Everton
1 – 0 Inter
Prince Harry

16 years in prison

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