Tuesday, 17 May 2011

More QM's Eye Questions

Lots of interesting correspondence last week on my question master’s eye post. I’m glad that a couple of the questions I mentioned did actually come up in other people’s quizzes last week. I thought I’d done a pretty good job casting my eyes over the news this week, and last night at Newport I had the first 9 in the news questions fairly easily. The last one , though, got me really annoyed. Not because it was a bad question – here it is –

What is the name of the Queen’s horse, that is one of the favourites for the Derby this year ?

No, as I say, good question. The problem was that I had read it only a few scant hours earlier yesterday morning, but hadn’t bothered, or hadn’t had time, to write it down. Hence when the time came I needed to know the answer – boom – there it was, gone – as indeed was the chance of having a clear round ! Just in case you need to know I’ll tell you the answer – its Carlton House. It is of course the best question you can ask, the one where the players know they have heard the answer, but just can’t dredge it up from the tenacious clutch of their memory.

Other hot questions from this week you might be advised to know the answers to are : -

Which city hosted the contest ?
Which country won with which act and which song ?
Which position did Jedward come, and with which song ?
Which position did Blue come, and with which song ?
Which English singer represented Romania ?

What is the name of Chris Huhne’s former wife, who made allegations about him in her book ?

Who was the first person to leave “The Apprentice” ?

Name the head of the IMF currently facing charges of a sexual nature ?

The world’s longest running crime drama is about to end – what is it ?

On Thursday 19th May BBC Question Time will come from which venue ?

Who denied twitter rumours that they had taken out injunctions because they were having affairs with a) Jeremy Clarkson – b) Alan Shearer

Name the owners of British Gas who announced price increases are on the way ?

Who brought an unsuccessful case to fight freedom of the press to the European Court of Human Rights ?

For the murder of whom is Levi Bellfield currently on trial ?

On whose TV show did the Duchess of York say how upset she was not to be invited to THE wedding ?

Name the vice president of FIFA accused by Lord Triesman of soliciting a bribe ?

Who makes a cameo appearance as a museum guide in Woody Allen’s new film “Midnight in Paris “ ?

Name the Polish dance craze among Manchester City Fans
Who scored the cup final goal for Manchester City ?

Name the government security minister who resigned, allegedly after disagreements with Theresa May .

Then you might have a look at these : -

Bubbling under :

Who claimed that ‘Have I Got News For You Is Sexist “ ?

Which country NOW sells most wine to the UK ?

Who plays Margaret Thatcher in the film “The Iron Lady “ ?

The Olympic Marathon champion died unexpectedly – what was his name ?

Which horse and jockey won the Kentucky Derby ?

Name the BBC Countryfile presenter threatened by animal rights activists after a report on badger culling

Danny Cipriani was suspended from which Australian rugby team ?

Which boxer defeated Shane Moseley ?

Which unions are involved in a) The end of the BA dispute b) The Tube strikes

Who announced a) that he won’t run for President in 2012 and b) who announced that he will run for President in 2012 ?

What is the title of Mohammed Al Fayed’s film about the Diana and Dodi deaths, and who is its director ?

Which England goalkeeper has quit international football ?

Of course, sometimes question masters do like to put a few daft ones in as well : -

And Finally : -

Carlo Napolitano died . What were his royal duties ?

Into which Derbyshire prison did thieves break in and steal tools ?

Who are The Invisible King and the Silver Wizard ?

What title has been won by Elmar Weisser ?

I can’t promise that all, or indeed any of these questions will come up in anyone else’s quiz , but if you are going to a quiz this week, I’d say you’re probably better off knowing the answers than not.

Enjoy. Answers in a few days – or if you can’t wait, then email me.


William Barrett said...

The news-based questions I asked in my role as guest QM at the pub last night were:

Who finished second to Azerbaijan in Eurovision?

Which space shuttle commenced its final mission yesterday?

Who are the lowest-placed team in the Premiership whose name begins with neither b nor W?

Londinius said...

Hi William

Good questions ! Without looking at he answers I know the first two -
Italy ( with Sweden third)
Endeavour ( the very last space shuttle flight will be Atlantis )

but as for the other, it would just be a guess.