Saturday, 28 May 2011

Answers to those news questions

Yes, as promised the answers to last weeks tips for the in the news questions - I hope that some of them came up for you : -

Harold Camping - American evangelist who predicted that the world would end last Saturday ( as far as we can tell it didn’t.)

Tyler Hamilton - US cyclist who gave back his 2004 olympic gold medal after admitting drugs offences.

Elliot Morley -Labour MP jailed for expenses

Michael Browne - Sinn Fein Mayor of Cashel who shook the Queen’s hand.

Filip Slipaczek – Polish man who had Nat West employee disciplined for making joke about his name

Gary Dobson and David Norris- to stand trial for murder of Stephen Lawrence

Lord Hanningfield – Tory MP under investigation for expenses

Steve Webb – Minister for Pensions

Gabrielle Browne- Rape Victim to whom Ken Clarke had to apologise after phone in crass remarks

Luis Moreno – Ocampo – ICC prosecutor who wants Gaddafi to stand trial

Lars von Trier – film director expelled from Cannes due to vocal sympathy for Nazism

Carmen Calil – Founder of Virago , resigned from Booker prize jury after they selected Philip Roth

Rob Summers- US veteran , paraplegic able to stand again after pioneering electric treatment

Ludmilla Savchenko – Ukrainian weather forecast used report to launch attack on government

Graham Napier – equaled first class cricket record of 16 sixes in an innings, playing for Essex against Surrey

Glieise 581d – possible life bearing planet identified by astronomers

Manu Tuilagi – 20 year old Leicester Rugby union player punished for punching England wing Chris Ashton

Grimsvotn – another erupting Icelandic volcano

Who became the oldest man ever to win one a world boxing championship, sanctioned by one of the main bodies in the sport ?
Bernard Hopkins

Who made Princess Beatrice’s wedding hat ? For which charity is it being auctioned ?
Philip Treacy – UNICEF UK and Children in Crisis

The whales in the news are trapped in a loch on a Scottish island. Which species of whales, which loch, and which island ?
Pilot Whales – Loch Carnan – South Uist

Against which team did Shane Warne play his last ever professional cricket match in the IPL ?
Mumbai Indians

Which team won the conference play off to win a place in the Football League ?
AFC Wimbledon

Why has a statue of Pope John Paul II, unveiled by Rome’s main railway station, faced criticism ?
Some people think it looks like Mussolini

In which year did the late Kathy Kirby come second in Eurovision, and with which song ?
1965 – I Belong

According to a customer survey, which are the most popular, and least popular High Street chains ?
Most – Richer Sounds – Least – WH Smith

What is the name of the Lord Chief Justice ?
Lord Judge ( honestly )

In which welsh hospital did Deyan Deyanov receive treatment last year ?
Glan Clwyd

Which company’s flotation is the biggest ever in the City of London ?

Who won this year’s Booker Prize ?
Philip Roth

Who has announced plans to remake The Flintstones ?
Seth ‘Family Guy’ Macfarlane

Which former Lib Dem MP has announced plans to sue the News of the World over phone tapping ?
Mark Oaten

The favorite Las Vegas haunt of the Rat Pack closed last week. What was it called ?The Sahara

Who was accused of cheating in the Giro d’Italia ?
Mark Cavendish

What is the title of Pirates of the Caribbean 4 ? Who plays the first female pirate in the series ?
On Stranger Tides – Penelope Cruz

What are the top 4 holiday destinations for Brits, announced last week ?
Spain- Greece – Turkey - USA

Name the 2 Lib Dem welsh assembly members disqualified for being members of the Care Council for Wales
Aled Roberts and John Dixon

Which newspaper was the first to publish the name of the footballer accused on Twitter of having an affair with Imogen Thomas ?
Scottish Herald

Who was named on the Forbes list as the world’s most powerful star ?
Lady Gaga

Which racehorse is nicknamed The Budapest Bullet ?

Which team won the Europa Cup ?

Last week a man became a hit on Youtube when filmed trying to take what onto a train at Wrexham Station ?
A white pony

Which sporting venue was visited by the Queen last week ?
Croke Park

There we are - how did you do ? I'll see about posting a few more from the last week or so within the next day or so.

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