Wednesday, 4 May 2011

More Connections

Well, it seems that the connection question I left with you in my last post has sparked a little bit of interest. In case you couldn’t figure it out, and are too honourable to google it , here’s the solution : -
1) Which british athlete gained a silver medal in the men’s 400metres in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics ?
Answer – Roger Black
2) Who made his only visit to Britain in a very brief stopover at Prestwick Airport in 1960 ?
Answer – Elvis Presley
3) Which is the shortest of William Shakespeare’s play ?
Answer - The Comedy of Errors
4) What is the connection between your last three answers ?
Answer - Twins - Roger Black has a twin sister, Elvis had a twin brother, and the play is about twins.

Bearing in mind the response to the question I thought that you’d maybe like the other sets from the quiz. So here they are : -

What was the full name of Ted Danson’s character in ‘Cheers’ ?
Which England test cricketer died in a car crash in Australia in 2002 ?
In which novel by Henry Fielding is the eponymous hero an orphan adopted by Squire Allworthy ?
What was the name of the twin killed by Romulus, the founder of Rome
What is the connection between your last four answers ?

Which country’s national flag has a red field, on which there is one large yellow star in the top left hand corner, flanked by a semi circle of smaller yellow stars ?
Caroline Lucas, elected MP in 2010 to represent Brighton Pavilion, is a member of which party ?
Pennyroyal is a variety of which herb plant ?
What is the connection between your last three answers ?

Which 1960’s sitcom, revived in the late 70’s, was set in Fenner Fashions ?
Which English city stands on the river Wensum ?
Which Russian word denotes a worker’s council ?
What is the connection between your last three answers ?

How is the Parthenon Frieze more commonly known in the UK ?
Which famous explorer was born in the town of Blantyre ?
Who is the only driver to win the Chinese Formula 1 Grand Prix twice ?
Which politician took the title Lord Bannside when promoted to the House of Lords ?
What is the precise connection between your last four answers ?

The Lifeguards and which other regiment make up the Household Cavalry ?
Which dish consists of prunes wrapped in bacon ?
For which film did Jack Palance win his Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 1992?
What is the connection between your last three answers ?

In which old TV series did John Alderton play Bernard ‘Privet’ Hedges ?
Which England international footballer, with 11 caps, once of Nottingham Forest, played as a lone striker for Aston Villa in their 1982 European Cup victory over Bayern Munich in 1982 ?
Which medieval poem sees King Arthur and his men challenged to a deadly game by a giant of an unusual hue ?
Which alternative comedian released songs “Ullo John, Gotta New Motor ? “ and “Pop up toaster “ ?
Which charity was founded by Cecil Jackson – Cole in 1961 ?
Who captained the Scottish rugby team in their grand slam season of 1990 ?
What was the name of Angie Dickinson’s character in the TV series Police Woman ?
What is the more usual name for the Collegiate Church of St. Peter ?
What is the connection between your last 8 answers ?

There we are – hope that you enjoy them.


HughTube said...

Great questions! I think I've got all the links but I don't know all the answers. It's always satisfying when you get the connection though.

I don't think 2002 is the right year for the Jack Palance film though.

Londinius said...

Oops ! You're right Hugh- slip of the brain. I'll change it now. Thanks


Ben Dutton said...

AH! That explains much - I was sure Jack Palance didn't win in 2002 and yet I've spent all shift in work trying to think what film it could be. Not that it helps me find that particular connection - I've the others worked out (though not all the answers to the particular questions) but this one... and I bet it's something really easy too!

Londinius said...

Hi Ben

The connection in that set is probably quite a bit more difficult to see if you don't actually live in South Wales. Hopefully that might help a bit.