Sunday, 22 May 2011

Have I Got More News For You ?

Actually, yes I have, since the last set of questions seemed to go down quite well. Here we go : -

All these people /things have been in the news. Who are : -

Harold Camping

Tyler Hamilton

Elliot Morley

Michael Browne

Filip Slipaczek

Gary Dobson and David Norris

Lord Hanningfield

Steve Webb

Gabrielle Browne

Luis Moreno – Ocampo

Lars von Trier

Carmen Calil

Rob Summers

Ludmilla Savchenko

Graham Napier

Glieise 581d

Manu Tuilagi


Now a few more straightforward news questions : -

Who became the oldest man ever to win a world boxing championship, sanctioned by one of the main bodies in the sport ?

Who made Princess Beatrice’s wedding hat ? For which charity is it being auctioned ?

The whales in the news are trapped in a loch on a Scottish island. Which species of whales, which loch, and which island ?

Against which team did Shane Warne play his last ever professional cricket match in the IPL ?

Which team won the conference play off to win a place in the Football League ?

Why has a statue of Pope John Paul II, unveiled by Rome’s main railway station, faced criticism ?

In which year did the late Kathy Kirby come second in Eurovision, and with which song ?

According to a customer survey, which are the most popular, and least popular High Street chains ?

What is the name of the Lord Chief Justice ?

In which welsh hospital did Deyan Deyanov receive treatment last year ?

Which company’s flotation is the biggest ever in the City of London ?

Who won this year’s Booker Prize ?

Who has announced plans to remake The Flintstones ?

Which former Lib Dem MP has announced plans to sue the News of the World over phone tapping ?

The favorite Las Vegas haunt of the Rat Pack closed last week. What was it called ?
Who was accused of cheating in the Giro d’Italia ?

What is the title of Pirates of the Caribbean 4 ? Who plays the first female pirate in the series ?

What are the top 4 holiday destinations for Brits, announced last week ?

Name the 2 Lib Dem welsh assembly members disqualified for being members of the Care Council for Wales

Which newspaper was the first to publish a photo of the footballer accused on
Twitter of having an affair with Imogen Thomas ?

Who was named on the Forbes list as the world’s most powerful star ?

Which racehorse is nicknamed The Budapest Bullet ?

Which team won the Europa Cup ?

Last week a man became a hit on Youtube when filmed trying to take what onto a train at Wrexham Station ?

Which sporting venue was visited by the Queen last week ?

There you go. No promises that you’ll encounter any of them in the next week or so, but that’s what’s caught my eye in the last few days. Answers at the weekend. As always , feel free to email me if you can’t wait.


Richard Poole said...

You mean professional cricket not first-class cricket - Shane Warne hasn't played first class cricket since 2007. (The IPL isn't first-class.)

DanielFullard said...

Couple of those came up last night although a bit easier thankfully.....It was something along the lines of Which member of the royal family auctioned her hat this week? and Which 60's singer died this week, who had a hit with xxxxx and also came second in Eurovision

Londinius said...

Hi Richard, and welcome to LAM

Ah, sorry about that. I've changed the post now. Thanks.

Thanks for your questions on the other post, Daniel. I had seen all of these items, except for the high street store closing its shops. Now that's one I'm going to have to goole !



Londinius said...

That should read google !


joe said...

Which newspaper was the first to publish the name of the footballer accused on Twitter of having an affair with Imogen Thomas?

A Pedant Writes...
None. I don't think any UK newspaper has actually revealed his name (though the Sunday Herald did lead with a front page photo).

Londinius said...

Hi Joe

Thanks for that - I've changed the post now.