Saturday, 8 January 2011

Sleb Mastermind - Final Table

Yes my friends, here is the table I’ve compiled with the results from Sleb mastermind – all just for fun, you understand. Many more scores over 30 this year, and Hilary Kay and Rhys Thomas hold the record for the highest total on the show, while I am sure that Rhys Thomas’ 21 on Queen is likely to be a record for a 2 minute celebrity round.Frank Gardner's round of 20 on general knowledge may well be a celebrity record, as indeed may Sir Clive Sinclair's 15 passes. A word and a thought too for Richard Herring, whose score of 35 would have comfortably won 8 of the other shows.

The Table is organised firstly by highest overall score, then lowest number of passes, then surname.Winners' names are in bold.

Click on the table, and it should enlarge for you.

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