Thursday, 13 January 2011

Brain of Britain - Review and Preview

Brain of Britain – First Round Review – Semi Final Preview

Right then – here are the qualifiers for the semi finals of Brain of Britain. Mark hasn’t yet got back to me to explain how the BBC have made the decision between himself and Elizabeth Manning, and that’s why I‘ve included the both of them. For Mark’s sake I hope that they don’t decide it by alphabetical order !

Heat Winners

William De’Ath – 18
Carolyn Pearce - 19
Michael Parsons – 17
Derek Moody - 13
Raymond Eaton – 22
Ian Welham – 19
Andy Tucker – 17
Mark Kerr – 23
Stuart Rudd – 10
Graham Barker – 30
John Watson – 16
Iwan Thomas – 24

Repechage Places

John Beynon - 18
Angela Wilson – 15
Ian Cassidy – 13
Elizabeth Manning / Mark Walton – 12

Phew – pick the bones out of that lot. I mean, I did think there were some good players in our series last year, but I have to say that this series so far has been outstanding. If you were to start picking out individuals, then Graham Barker’s astounding 30 took the breath away. However Iwan Thomas, Mark Kerr, and Ray Eaton all scored in the 20s. Last year it helped me I’m sure that the three top scorers from the first round were all put in the same semi – not mine ! Yet I hope this doesn’t happen this year.

Of course there are a few other players I would like to draw your attention towards. Caroline Pearce and Ian Welham both scored 19, and so are not to be underestimated – especially since Ian’s was achieved in the same show in which John Beynon scored 18, so there weren’t necessarily that many bonuses flying about. William De’Ath must not be underestimated either , a superb quizzer. A word too for Derek Moody, who was a very gallant runner up in the Mastermind 2007 SOBM. I would love for Derek to make it through to another final. As regards the chances of our first lady champ since Daphne Fowler – I may be wrong, but I think that the field in the semis this year is just too strong, and while we may well get a lady finalist, I think its less likely that there will be a lady champ.

No , sorry, I will not be making a prediction. There are far too many people I know and like in the semis for me to run the risk of upsetting them by burdening them with the Clark tip.


worldwidemark said...

Hi David,

Sorry but I was waiting until the semi-finals started to reveal all!

Myself and Elizabeth had a 10 question play-off held by telephone a few days before the semi-finals started.

She beat me (by a single point I think) so she'll be taking her place in the upcoming semis - and best of luck to her as well! Was a pleasure to be in such a competitive heat.

Londinius said...

Hi Mark

Oh dear, that's really hard luck - I'm sorry for you. But thanks for sharing this with us - I did wonder how they would be able to decide.

Look after yourself,

Dave C