Tuesday, 23 February 2010

J20, and an interesting email.

I had an email last week from the good people at Britvic J20. It turns out that they are about to launch their own pub quiz. To quote from the original email : -

“Our current campaign sees the launch of the new J20 Pub Quiz – a new quiz format with innovative questions, involving lateral thinking and numeracy skills amongst others! It’s a bit different from the traditional, trivia based pub quiz.”

Basically a number of bloggers on quiz matters have been contacted, and invited to attend the launch event on 25th February. I’d absolutely love to do that, but I’m afraid that I just can’t, what with pressure of work. Ironically, had the event been a week earlier during half term I could have done it, but them’s the breaks.

Pippa who emailed me was good enough to send me a selection of two of the typical rounds from the J20 pub quiz, and to ask me for my opinions on them. Now, as you know if you’ve been with LAM for any length of time you don’t have to ask twice for my opinion about quizzes.

Still, I think that I ought to make a confession here, bearing in mind the recent fuss about MPs expenses and the like. The J20 people were also good enough to send me some J20s and a couple of other goodies through the post as well. Not on any understanding that I would say nice things about their quiz, or that I would give them a plug in the blog, just as a thank you for giving the questions a quick look. Delicious they were too. So if you think that it constitutes bribery and corruption, then so be it, that is the view you must take.

The two rounds I was sent were Mangled Mugs and Tangled Threads.

Mangled Mugs is a set of pictures, whereby two well known faces have been morphed into one, and the idea is to answer which two celebrities have been morphed together. My response to this was that this is not an especially new idea, but I have to admit that I haven’t seen it done so well as these are.

Tangled Threads is a set of audio questions. Each basically consists of a film trailer, where three films’ plotlines and characters have been completely entangled. There’s enough clues in each to enable you to untangle each. Personally I really really liked these, and I know that they would go down a bomb in any of the pub quizzes I regularly attend. They’re pretty funny, too. But then don’t take my word for it. I can't share the J20s they sent me, but I can share the two rounds - all with their permission.

Here's the Mangled Mug round I was sent, and you can see what you think of them yourselves.

OK , I'm not a connoisseur of picture quizzes, but these seem very well done to me. I'll post the answers in a few days.

Now the Tangled Threads. I've converted them into little videos, basically because that's the only way I know how to upload them . So - ready ? Here we go.

Like it ? I thought so . Here's the others then.

Be honest, wouldn't you enjoy something like that in your own local quiz ? As always, feel free to disagree, but I thought at the very least they were worth sharing with you.


Ray Hamel said...

I'm sorry, but I prefer my trivia straight up, not all mangled.

Londinius said...

No need to apologise Ray. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

I do know where you are coming from - I'm a straightforward old fashioned question and answer man myself. But I also know that people in a lot of the pub quizzes I go to do enjoy picture rounds, and something a bit different like the tangled threads round too

We're all different - all have our own likes and dslikes. Variety is the spice of life, as they say.



Unknown said...

Hi, I realise this was an old post but ever since I had the j20 quiz pack whilst working on holiday camps as a entertainer, I've been looking for the material that was contained in the quiz.
Apart from the pics do you know where I could get the whole quiz from ??