Saturday, 6 June 2009

This Month's Quiz

Ok - here's the quiz for the month of June. Just for fun, and answers will be posted in a week or two. If you can't wait, then drop me an email for the answers.

1) Last month the High Court declared that Pringles must be called Potato crisps. What percentage of each Pringle is actually potato ?

2) The Minoan civilization is believed to have been dealt a death blow by the eruption of which volcano ?

3) Who wrote "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner " ?

4) The worst ever colliery disaster in Britain happened in the Universal colliey in which welsh town or village near Caerphilly ?

5) Dermast, Turkey and Common are all species of which tree ?

6) The film "Happy Gilmore" centres on which sport ?

7) Name two boxers who fought both Muhammed Ali and Mike Tyson during their careers

8) Which BNP politician has pledged not to embarrass the Queen by attending a garden party ?

9) According to Mary Tudor, if you had cut her open what would you have found engraved upon her heart ?

10) Barbara Hepworth's sculpture 'single Form' which can be found outside the United Nations building, is a memorial to whom ?

11) Mythology - in Norse Mythology what did Odin's horse Sleipnir have that normal horses lack ?

12) If you suffer from gynophobia, what are you afraid of ?

13) What was the name of the Hollywood mansion built by Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks (senior)

14) With which motor racing team did Jenson Button begin his formula 1 career ?

15) Which song from the musical "Porgy and Bess" provided a hit for Bronski Beat in the 1980s ?

16) In John Bunyan's "The Pilgrim's Progress", which building is the dwelling place of Giant Despair ?

17) What was the title of Norway's winning Eurovision song ?

18) Name the sister ship of the Mayflower which was so unseaworthy it never left Plymouth with its sister ship ?

19) Complete the title of this opera by Michael Nyman - The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A - ?

20) If the mandible is the lower jaw, what is the upper jaw ?

21) Who is BBC News' Political Editor ?

22) Which Hollywood actor played Number 2 in the Austin Powers movies ?

23) Name the first and last of the 7 winners when Frankie Dettori went through the card in Ascot.

24) In which year were over 30 members of the clan Macdonald massacred in Glencoe ?

25) What is the capital city of Tanzania ?

26) What was the name of the novel written under a pseudonym by Kingsley Amis, after the death of Ian Fleming, which featured James Bond ?

27) The smallest town in Britain, Llanwyrtyd Wells, is home to the annual world championships in which alternative sport ?

28) Which driver holds the world land speed record ?

29) Which fictional resort was home to Jessica Fletcher in the series Murder she Wrote ?

30) On the cover of which Albums do the Beatles spell out the word in semaphore ?

31) Usain Bolt won the mens 200m at the Beijing Olympics. Who was the last Jamaican man to win the Olympic 200m before him ?

32) Which nickname has Private Eye used for departing Speaker of the House of Commons, Michael Martin ?

33) In Japan, where might you wear a zori ?

34) The condition Rickets is caused by a deficiency of which vitamin ?

35) Eddy Grant and the Equals were first to have a hit with the song "Baby Come Back", but who else had a huge hit with the same song in 1994 ?

36) Which Wrexham, Everton, Man Utd., Chelsea, Stoke, Leeds and West Brom footballer was jailed in the 1990s for passing forged £10 notes ?

37) In which battle of 1917 were tanks used on a large scale for the first time, accepting that they were first actually used in small numbers in the Battle of the Somme in 1916 ?

38) The Mayor of Aberystwyth, Sue Jones-Davies, has just had the 30 year ban on the film "Life of Brian" lifted. This caused some media interest. Why in particular ?

39) Who wrote the autobiographical works "'Tis" and "Angela's Ashes" ?

40) Name the player who knocked Rafael Nadal out of this year's French Open ?

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