Sunday, 7 June 2009

Answers to May's Quiz

I never got around to posting the answers to the previous quiz, did I ? Shame on me. I'm sure you'll already have googled anything you weren't sure of - not many of them I'll be bound - but just in case, here they are : -

1) What was the first song that Susan Boyle sang on Britain's Got Talent ?
I Dreamed A Dream - she sang it again in the Final, but didn't quite produce the same magic IMHO
2) The Imperial War Museum North can be found in which English city ?
3) Which mammal is responsible for more human deaths than any other mammal except for other humans ?
Well, according to QI its hippos
4) Who was the first commander of the British Expeditionary force in World War I ?
Sir John French, later replaced by Douglas Haig. Lord Gort commanded BEF2 in WWII
5) Which well known novel was set on the Canadian Province of Prince Edward Island ?
Anne of Green Gables- ( and sequels, although you couldn't call them famous )
6) Which seafood dish is named after a month in the french Revolutionary Calendar ?
Lobster Thermidor - and not as a team in the rugby club answered - lobster thermostat
7) Which were the first five words recorded by Thomas Edison on his first phonograph ?
Mary Had A Little Lamb
8) Which model of car is driven by Gene Hunt in Ashes to Ashes ?
The Audi Quattro
9) Kenny Rogers had 2 solo number 1s in the UK - Lucille was one - which was the other ?
The Coward of the County ( and NOT Ruby !)
10) The badge of which cricket county has the emblem of a Tudor rose ?
Northants (NOT Yorks - white - or Lancs - red )
11) News - how much do you have to earn per year in order to start paying the new 50p tax bracket announced in last week's budget ?
12) Which world - famous thoroughfare is known as the Great White Way ?
13) Which two diseases are caused by the varicella virus ?
Chicken Pox - and therefore Shingles too
14) Charlemagne was crowned as the very first what in 800 AD ?
Holy Roman Emperor
15) Which German composer was Liszt's son in law ?
Richard Wagner - who contrary to popular belief was not also the male star of TVs Hart to Hart
16) Which of the disciples of Jesus was his brother ?
17) Which number is represented by I00I in binary ?
18) You've got a friend in me is the theme to which animated film ?
Toy Story
19) Waterloo Road is set in which Lancashire town ?
Rochdale ( BTW - I love Waterloo Road, but amongst my profession it is nicknamed the Gross Professional Misconduct Show)
20) Current manager of Chelsea Guus Hiddink has had success with several international sides. Which country did he take to the semi finals of the 2002 world cup ?
South Korea
21) Which island combined with Tanganyika to form Tanzania ?
Zanzibar - all together now - the birthplace of Freddie Mercury
22) What is the name of the flap of cartilage that prevents food and drink from entering the windpipe when swallowing ?
The Epiglottis
23) Since Queen Anne, which monarch has had the most number of different Prime Ministers during his or her reign ?
Our own Elizabeth the 2nd ! - 11 as I write, but watch this space !
24) In which beach in the North of England can you find Anthony Gormley's cast iron life size statues standing on the beach, and out into the sea ?
Crosby Beach - despite originally being scheduled to be removed to the USA
25) What is the new name of Norwich Union ?
26) Where would you find the volcano Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in the Solar System ?
27) The Specials have announced that they are reforming to go on tour. What were the titles of their 2 number 1 singles ?
Too Much Too Young and Ghost Town
28) Hannah Montana is played by an actress whose father had a top ten single in the UK - what was it called ?
He was Billy Ray Cyrus - and the song was the never to be forgotten ( unfortunately ) Achy Break Heart
29) Formula 1. Which other team has exactly the same markings as the red bull renault team ?
Toro Rosso - which as we all know actually means - red bull ! Difference - the engine.Red Bull has a Renault engine - Toro Rosso has a Ferrari engine
30) What is the name of the former Britain's top anti terrorist policeman who inadvertantly gave away details of suspects and then resigned ?
Robert Quick
31) The Croatian Seaport of Riyeka is located on which sea that forms part of the Mediterranean?
The Adriatic
32) What name is given to the two leg bones between the knee and the ankle ?
Tibia and Fibula
33) The Black Death first came to Britain during the reign of which King ?
Edward III
34) What number was Schubert's Unfinished symphony ?
35) What is obtained from the plant camelia sinensis ?
36) What does the acronym VTOL stand for ?
Vertical Take Off and Landing
37) Who or what links the Sheriff of Nottingham, and Tim Nice-But-Dim ?
Keith Allen is Lily Allen's Dad - Harry Enfield is her step -Dad
38) The TV series Total Wipeout sends contestants to take part in an assault course in which country ?
Argentina ( revenge for Beckham's penalty in 2002, perhaps ? )
39) Name the 2 scottish players selected for the Lions
The two in the original party were Hines and Murray
40) Gordon Brown recently made an unauthorised appearence in which cartoon show, trying to borrow money from aliens ?
hard lines - it was the other one - South Park

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