Saturday, 21 February 2009

Weekend Mini Quiz Four

Weekend Mini Quiz Four

Round One - The Arks

1) From which wood were a) Noah's Ark and b) The Ark of the Covenant made ?

2) How old was Noah when he died ?

3) In the film "Raiders of the Lost Ark", in which Egyptian city was the Ark of the Covenant found ?

4) Controversial writer Graham Hancock wrote a book called "The Sign and the Seal " which put forward his view that the Ark of the Covenant is being kept in a church in which country ?

5) Which Apollo astronaut made high profile expeditions to Mount Ararat to search for remains of the Ark ?

Round Two - General Knowledge

1) Two British World Middleweight boxing champions fought Sugar Ray Robinson during their careers. Randolph Turpin was one. Who was the other ?

2) Who famously once voiced Maggie in "The Simpsons" ?

3) Who was the Chancellor of the Exchequer who introduced VAT in the 1970s ?

4) Which disused London Underground station is maintained so that it can be used for filming etc. ?

5) Who or what is Restless D'Artaix ?

answers next weekend - as usual, drop me a line if you can't wait. Meanwhile, here's last week's -

Answers to Weekend Mini Quiz Three

Round One - Happy Valentines

1) Anthony Valentine played "Raffles" in the ITV Tv series, but who played his sidekick Bunny, and what was Bunny's surname ?
Answer - Christopher Strauli played Bunny Manders
2) Which Roman Emperor condemned St. Valentine to death ?
Answer - Claudius II
3) For what reason was St. Valentine executed ?
Answer - Getting married while in the roman army
4) Valentine was one of two what in Shakespeare ?
Answer - Gentlemen of Verona - Proteus was the other
5)Which Valentine played the Black Guardian in the Key to Time season of Dr. Who ?
Answer - Valentine Dyall - who also played the Man in Black on the radio

General Knowledge
1) Whose father was called Poopdeck ?
Answer - Popeye the Sailor Man
2) Which british butterfly has the scientific name inachis io ?
Answer - the Peacock Butterfly
3) Which element makes up between 15 and 20% of the alloy pewter ( and for a bonus, which element USED to make up 15 - 20 % of pewter ?
Answer - Now - Antimony - Previously - Lead
4) Fifty years ago, when the austin mini first went on the market, how much change would you have got out of £500 if you bought one ?
Answer - 10 pennies
5) Norse Mythology - what killed the God Baldur ?
Answer - mistletoe

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