Saturday, 24 November 2012

News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news ?

1. Miguel Angel Jimenez
2. Yusuf Mack
3. Donald Junior Green
4. The 777 Tour
5. Josh Goodall
6. Xolile Mngeni
7. Dominic Grieve
8. Kweku Adoboli
9. Bettina Jordan Barber
10. Paul Peters
11. Bruno Fernandes
12. Hector Camacho
13. Simon Brodkin
14. Danny Nightingale
15. Kevin Clash
16. Paula Dunn
17. Philip Pritchard
18. David Sprason
19. Kate Holderness
20. Sandy Island
21. Tony Hall
22. Bobby Roberts
23. Mohammad Morsi
24. Stella Creasy

In Other News

1. Which area of the world was visited by Barack Obama last week
2. Who was dropped from a series of adverts after receiving a driving ban last week ?
3. Which politician likened himself to Margaret Thatcher last week ?
4. Last week was the 25th anniversary of which disaster ?
5. The UK bird population has declined by how much in 40 years ?
6. Which south coast town has received a lottery grant to rebuild its pier ?
7. Which team beat Chelsea in the Premier League last weekend ?
8. Who own the US Grand Prix ?
9. What was the score in last week’s Swansea v. Newcastle match ?
10. IN the Autumn Rugby Union international what were the scores between : - Australia and England ?
11. – and Ireland and Fiji ?
12. – and France and Argentina ?
13. – and Italy and New Zealand ?
14. and Scotland and South Africa ?
15. What was Alastair Cook’s score in the second innings of the first test ?
16. Which country won the Davis Cup
17. Mark Cavendish was knocked off his bike while training in which country ?
18. By how many wickets did India beat England in the first test ?
19. Which anniversary did the Queen celebrate last week ?
20. Which entertainment event celebrated its 100th anniversary last week ?
21. Whose photos were pulled from his own website ?
22. Who directed “Skyfall” ?
23. The vote for Women Bishops in the General Synod was defeated by how many votes ?
24. Which was named as the most read print product in the UK ?
25. With which offence have Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson been charged last week ?
26. Rory McIlroy revealed he is switching from which clubs to Nike ?
27. What announcement was made by David Beckham last week ?
28. Who was asked to resign as manager of a premier club, refused, and then was sacked a couple of days later anyway ?
29. Which national team are allegedly courting the services of Harry redknapp
30. What was the score between Juventus and Chelsea ?
31. – and Benfica and Celtic ?
32. – and Galatasary and Man Utd ?
33. Lord MacAlpine’s payouts over tweets will be donated to which charity ?
34. The last British what was made by Brother in Wrexham last week ?
35. Who was dropped by Chelsea v. Juventus ?
36. Who was appointed last week as a director of Harrods ?
37. Who is The Spectator’s Politician of the Year ?
38. Who replaced Roberto di Matteo as manager of Chelsea ?
39. What was the score between Arsenal and Montpelier ?
40. – and Man City and Real Madrid ?
41. Who is to receive and honour at Poet’s Corner ?
42. Which manager received a one match touchline ban last week ?
43. A student at which Cambridge College claimed he had been given a punishment of digging ditches last week ?
44. Who was the first celebrity voted off I’m A Celebrity ?
45. Which case was thrown out by the FA last week ?
46. What was the score between Liverpool and Young Boys ?
47. –and Newcastle and Maritimo ?
48. – and Lazio and Spurs ?
49. Who has become the first man to score 4 double centuries in tests in a calendar years ?
50. How much was ITV’s payout to Lord MacAlpine ?
51. Which British cartoon character is set to return to our screens ?

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