Saturday, 13 October 2012

News Questions

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news ?

1. Solemia
2. Olivier Peslier
3. Mount Lokan
4. Professor Sir John Gurdon
5. Liz Kershaw
6. Vladimir Umamets
7. Verity
8. St. George’s Park
9. Paul Wood
10. Darren Sammy
1. Felix Baumgartner A children’s book
2. Glastonbury
3. Ashley Cole
4. British Museum
5. Cherie Blair and Joanna Trollope
6. Hugo Chavez
7. Gabon
8. Predatory Sex Offender
9. The Women’s Land Army
10. Lady Gaga
11. Felix Baumgartner
12. Malalu Yousafzai
13. Abba Gold
14. Yekaterina Samutsevitch
16. Clovelly
17. Mo Yan
18. HMS Caroline
19. Abbey Road
20. Christakis Ioannou

In Other News

1. In which city was the Conservative Party Conference held ?
2. A vandal defaced a painting by whom in the Tate Modern ?
3. Who was announced as playing grace Kelly in a forthcoming film ?
4. Which world leader celebrated a 60th birthday ?
5. What was the score in the Man Utd. v. Newcastle Utd. game ?
6. Who won the Japanese GP ?
7. Which team won the women’s T20 world cup ?
8. Which team won the men’s T20 world cup ?
9. What was the score in the Rugby League Grand Final ?
10. J.K. Rowling has promised that her next book will be what ?
11. Tickets for which event sold out in 100 minutes last week ?
12. Who was censured for his twitter rant against the FA ?
13. What is the most popular tourist attraction in Britain with 6 million visitors in 2012 ?
14. Who are sponsoring the 2013 Women’s Prize for Fiction ?
15. Who won the election in Venezuela ?
16. Which African country has dropped French as an official language in favour of English ?
17. The Met Police used which 3 word phrase last week to describe Jimmy Savile ?
18. At the Crown Fochabers Estate in Moray, a memorial to which group of people was unveiled last week ?
19. Who paid a visit to Julian Assange last week ? 20. What sentence did Justin Lee Collins receive for harassing his former girlfriend ?
21. Who was sacked last week as manager of Bolton ?
22. Which english rugby ground has controversially been excluded as a 2015 world cup venue ?
23. Who are investigating complaints about incorrect exam marking ?
24. Name the Director General of the BBC who announced 2 independent investigations into the Jimmy Savile scandal
25. Which company has been accused of tax avoidance on UK income ?
26. Which company replace Umbro as supplier of England football kit ?
27. It was reported last week that which singer plans to be Britain’s first space tourist ?
28. Name the two participants in last week’s televised Vice Presidential debate ?
29. Who admitted that he has dived for England on two occasions ?
30. Who is the new chairman of the 6 Nations committee ?
31. The first private abortion clinic in which British city opened controversially last week ?
32. What plans for the 100th anniversary of WWI did David Cameron announce last week ?
33. A set of Royal Mail stamps have been issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the launch of which satellite ?
34. Who captained England v. San Marino ?
35. Which two golfers contested the Turkish Airlines world golf final ?
36. Which bank dropped plans to buy 318 branches of RBS ?
37. Which organization won the Nobel Peace Prize ?
38. Which member of the West German 1966 world cup final team passed away on the 11th October ?
39. What was the score between both England and San Marino, and Germany and the Republic of Ireland ?

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