Saturday, 2 July 2011

Answers to News Questions

Here’s the answers to the last set of News Questions

Who or what are : -

Ryan Cleary
The teenage hacker –a member of Lulzsec – who appeared in Magistrate’s court last week

Clarence Clemons
Musician – member of the E Street Band who passed away last week

James “Whitey” Bulger
FBI’s Most wanted – moved to top of the list after death of Bin Laden – caught last week

HMS Protector
Newest vessel to join Royal Navy’s Ice Patrol

Terenia Taras
Arrested in connection with the News of the World phone hacking scandal

The Carlyle Group
Bought the RAC

Feliciano Lopez
Tennis player who knocked Andy Roddick out of Wimbledon – a favourite with Andy Murray’s mum. Lopez lost to Murray in the quarter final.

Pauline Nyiramasuhuko
Former Rwandan minister – the first woman ever to be convicted of genocide

George Davies
Founder of Next – allegedly tried to bribe police from giving him a speeding ticket with a sports car

Peter Flanagan
Man detained by police in connection with burglar being stabbed during burglary at a house in Greater Manchester

Happy Feet
The penguin which got lost and ended up on a beach in New Zealand

Hu Jia
Chinese dissident freed on the eve of Chinese PM’s visit to Britain

Bill Lacey
Last person to escape from Dunkirk – passed away last week

Mark Rowley
Chief of Surrey police, apologized to Dowler family, and criticized the way that they were treated during the trial

Mark Serwotka
Head of the Public and Commercial Services Union

Art Uncut
Group who protested during U2’s appearance at the Glastonbury Festival

Last week it was announced that which vocalist will sing with the re-formed Faces ?
Mick Hucknall

Which actor was given a posthumous star on the Hollywood walk of fame ?
Richard Burton

Which british location came 6th on the list of National Geographic’s top 10 must see destinations for 2011 ?

Artist Ai Weiwei was freed after how many days imprisonment ?

A first edition of a book by Charles Darwin was returned to a library in Sydney after how many years ?

Which NATO country called for an end to the bombing of Libya ?

Who has threatened to roll naked down Murray Mount/Henman Hill if Andy Murray wins the Wimbledon Men’s Singles ?
Noel Fielding

What did the British Library unveil plans to do last week ?
Put 250,000 historic documents online

Whose show did Aung San Su Kyi last week say was once her favourite on the world service ?
Dave Lee Travis – his ‘Jolly Good Show’ was her favourite until it was ended in 2001

What is golfer Rory Mcilroy’s home town ?

Which Dragon’s Den star has faced allegations involving mismanagement of government funds ?
Peter Jones

Barack Obama has pledged to pull how many troops out of Afghanistan ?

Footballer Ashley Young is being transferred from where to where ?
From Aston Villa to Manchester United

Which IT bank was unable to enable customers to access their accounts for periods last week ?

What is the name of Charles Dickens’ former holiday home, which went up for sale ?
Bleak House

Last week a sensational story claimed that a crash diet can cure type 2 diabetes in a week ( I’m type 2 myself, and I don’t believe this for one minute ) How many calories a day did it claim that you needed to eat ?
600 calories

Which 83 year old actor died last week ?
Peter Falk

Which Ice Hockey team won the Stanley Cup ?
Boston Bruins

How much have Chelsea to pay Porto for compensation for signing Villas Boas as their new manager ?
£13 million

Which retailer went into administration last week ?
Habitat ( also Jane Norman went after I posted the question, and several others as well unfortunately )

Who was sent back to jail in the US over corruption charges again last week ?
Conrad Black

A project to build a controversial road in Africa was scrapped last week. Where exactly was it to have been sited ?
The Serengeti

The first ever script of which soap opera is to be auctioned ?
The Archers

Last week backbench conservative MPs defeated the government on which issue ?
Banning the use of animals in circuses

Customers’ details were stolen when hackers raided which hotel group last week ?

Which American singer has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s ?
Glen Campbell

Daniel Craig married which 41 year old actress ?
Rachel Weisz

Who is the PM of China, visiting the UK ?
Wen Jiabao

Which car company will be making the new pope mobile ?

What is the name of Levi Bellfield’s daughter, who wrote to the Dowler family ?
Bobbie Bellfield

Some MPs are refusing to contribute to a specific present from MPs for the Queen’s diamond jubilee in 2012. What specifically is this present ?
A stained glass window in Westminster Hall

There was speculation this week that which Australian sportsman may have had a facelift ?
Shane Warne

What was the name of the judge who has faced some criticism over his handling of the Levi Bellfield trial ?
Lord Justice Wilkie

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