Thursday, 26 August 2010

More of Irene Thomas' Almost Impossible Questions

OK – bowing to public pressure, by popular demand here’s just a few more questions from Irene Thomas’ Almost Impossible Quiz Book – as always answers will be poted after a suitable interlude.

1) What have Bananaland and the land of the White Ant to do with a flying kangaroo ?

2) How did Neptune act like a dynamo in reverse, how was a husky followed by an avalanche, how were here two kinds of knight’s move, one airy and one watery ?

3) What according to popular legend changed from red to black when one of the founders died, and what has Sir Charles Sykes got to do with what ‘flies’ just above it ?

4) If Mary Powell, Catherine Woodcock and Elizabeth Minshull met in the afterlife, what would have been there most likely topic of conversation ?

5) What connects a notorious 18th century pleasure gardens, the longest reigning Monarch in English history, an angry sovereign and a 14 year old Christian martyr ?

6) Who in 1966 hugged a high flying seagull, saying he embraced her as a daughter ?

7) What have Katchaturian and Charlotte Rhodes to do with a Thracian shepherd who died in 71 BC ?

8) When Ilex and Hedera reach maturity which one deserves the coronet ?

9) What was ironic about Mr. Robinson telling his son that the wireless of the ship they were aboard was a wonderful invention ?

10) Which diamond brought fame and wealth to the Sultan of Swat ?

Good stuff, eh ? Answers in a few days.

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