Saturday, 7 March 2020

RIP David Rainford

I am so sorry that my return to the blog has to be prompted by such sad news. I have just seen on Facebook that David Rainford has passed away. Like millions of viewers, I first came to know Dave through his stellar performances in the first series of "Are You An Egghead", and met him first hand in the second series. We became internet friends, and took part in several charity quiz events for the Get Connected Charity. Having known Dave on the telly, on he internet, and at a few quiz events, I am deeply saddened. His family and closest friends are, I am certain, absolutely devastated.

I always found Dave to be warm, funny, modest, generous, and a great, great quizzer. He was a real gentleman, and the warmth he projected through the television set was 100% genuine. I'm sure that I speak for millions of Egghead fans when I offer my deepest condolences to his family.


Steve Cooke said...

Hi David. Great to see you back, but I'd have given anything not to see this post. I got a phone call Saturday morning from one of Dave's friends breaking the news and I was nothing short of stunned. If this had happened two or three years ago when he was seriously ill, it would still have been sad, but not such a shock. The fact that he has gone through a lengthy rehabilitation process and by all accounts was making great progress just makes it seem so unfair. I was speaking on the phone with him last week and he was in great spirits and we talked at length about quizzing, football, and matters arising. I can't believe that's the last time I will ever hear from him. I'll miss him terribly, on a professional and personal level and for once, the anecdotes and accolades are true. While he may have had tremendous knowledge, more importantly he had a tremendous heart and personality. I just wish I could have known him for longer

Quiz Britain said...

From the first time I met David, his boundless cheery character warmed you to the lovely person he was. Having worked with him on a professional level at charity events over the years, he was always humble enough to appreciate the good fortune of earning a living from a hobby he clearly loved. Our many 5 minute phone calls would always turn into long chats about topics including his beloved football team Manchester United. Although we couldn't properly send Dave off due to the virus but when the coast is clear we all can give him a proper send then. Dave, you will always be in our hearts.