Sunday, 18 March 2018

Who is the only . . . questions

In his comment on my most recent UC review, Jack pointed out that it is no longer true that George Bernard Shaw is the only person to receive both an Oscar and a Nobel Prize. This st me thinking about other – who is the only – quiz chestnuts. In no particular order, here’s 10 I’ve been asked in the past, and their current status: -

·       Who is the only person to become president of the USA without ever being elected either vice president or president?

This is still Gerald Ford as far as I know.

·       Which is the only national flag in the world to feature a map/outline of the country?

When I began quizzing in the 80s this was easy – it was Cyprus and only Cyprus. However, nowadays we have to consider Kosovo. Kosovo features a gold image of the country. It all depends on whether you are in a country that recognises Kosovo as an independent country – as over 100 UN member states currently do.

·       Who  is the only player to have scored a hat-trick in the Premier League, all three divisions of the English Football League, the League Cup, the FA Cup, and for his country in an international match.

As far as I know, this is still Robert Earnshaw of Wales

·       Who is the only person to have won an Olympic medal and a Nobel Prize?

Philip Noel Baker who won an Olympic silver medal in 1920 wont he 1959 Peace Prize. AFIK he’s still the only person to do this.

·       Who is the only person to be the sole recipient of Nobel Prizes in two separate categories?

Marie Curie was the first to win 2 Nobel Prizes, and first to win in 2 different categories, but Linus Pauling did not have to share his two awards in Chemistry and Peace with anyone else.

·       Who is the only person to have UK number 1 hits as a solo artist, a duet, with a four person group, and a five person group?

Melanie Chisolm – Mel C of the Spice Girls is I believe still the only holder of this distinction

·       Which is the only song to reach number 1 in 4 separate recordings in the UK?

Time was when this was easy – Unchained Melody being the answer. However, since Band Aid 30’ 2014 version of Do They Know It’s Christmas, this song too shares the distinction.

·       Who is the only person to have walked on the moon and flown the Space Shuttle?

As asked, the question is correct, since only John Young of the 12 moonwalkers would fly the shuttle, on its first mission. However command module pilot Ken Mattingly, who flew to the moon but had to stay in the command module orbiting the moon, went on to fly the shuttle as well.

·       Who is the only person to win Oscars for acting and for screenwriting?

Still just Emma Thompson AFIK

·       Who are the only band to have number 1 albums on the US Billboard chart in 4 decades – 80s 90s – 2000s – 2010s?

AFIK it’s still true that U2 are the only band to have achieved this.


Jack said...

From an old Fifteen-to-One I found on YT: "Who is the only man to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize posthumously (the year being 1961)? A: Dag Hammarskjöld

This will remain be the case, as posthumous Nobel Prize winners are not allowed any more.

Paul Gilbert said...

It can be argued that Paul McCartney has had #1 hits in all of the following guises:

Soloist: Pipes Of Peace
Duo: Ebony & Ivory (with Stevie Wonder)
Trio: Mull Of Kintyre (Wings)
Quartet: She Loves You (Beatles)
Quintet: Get Back (Beatles with Billy Preston) - although not entirely a '5 person group'

DanielFullard said...

Who is the only footballer to have scored in the FA Cup Final, English League Cup Final, Champions League final and UEFA Cup Final?

The fact one of those is now defunct mean this will remain forever the case

Steven Gerard

Keshava said...

Who is the only person to win a gold medal at both the Summer and Winter Olympics, in different events?

Still just Eddie Eagan, almost a century later.

Londinius said...

These are great guys - I will post them later in the week - can you keep them coming?

Andrew B. said...

One of the 2011 Nobel Prize winners (Ralph Steinman) had died a few days before the winners were announced; also, if you die between the announcement and the ceremony the award stands.

However, Dag Hammarskjold is as stated still the only posthumous winner of the Peace Prize.